What FGS does for you

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) helps graduate studies navigate through their funding opportunities, program requirements, and available academic accommodations. 


Every year, UVic awards $12 million to help fund graduate students through a combination of:

FGS assists graduate students in their applications for these opportunities, as well as external scholarships and awards and bursaries.

INTD student support

FGS provides support to graduate students enrolled in an individual interdisciplinary (INTD) specialized degree program. An INTD program enables you to create your own academic program by combining interests in different fields of study. 

Working with co-supervisors in at least two different academic units, you follow an individual program tailored to your own interests and designed in consultation with your supervisory committee. Another option for you is to undertake interdisciplinary studies as part of a regular existing program that is interdisciplinary in nature.

Academic concessions & accommodations

FGS and the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) work with students with disabilities to consider reasonable accommodation with respect to deadlines and time-limited regulations.

We also assist students who are affected by illness, accident or family. In such cases, the student may apply for a deferral of a course grade, withdrawal from the course due to extenuating circumstances, a drop of course(s) without academic and/or fee penalty after the published withdrawal deadline, or a leave of absence from the program due to illness, accident or family affliction.

Additional graduate supports

We can also assist graduate students with: