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Indigenous Education

In Indigenous Education, you’ll lead efforts toward the revitalization of Indigenous languages.

You’ll learn the skills for successful language projects in communities undergoing language recovery.

This program is accessible to those who cannot leave their communities for more than a few weeks at a time.

Exceptional entry

Exceptional entry is available to those with expertise in their language or culture. These applicants may be allowed entry even without a baccalaureate degree. Contact the Indigenous graduate secretary for more information.

Degree programs offered

Program Expected length Project or thesis Course-based
MA, MEd 2 years Yes No
GCE 2 terms No Yes

Quick facts

Program options:
Masters, Certificate
Program delivery:
Dynamic learning:
Co-op optional

Areas of focus

  • Indigenous language revitalization
  • Indigenous culture and knowledge systems
  • Indigenous epistemologies, research methodologies and methods
  • Indigenous language learning
  • Indigenous pedagogies and teaching practices
  • Leadership and governance for language revitalization

Faculties and departments

Need help?

Contact Colleen Juricic at or 250-721-7824.

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