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The Sardul S. Gill Graduate School offers a unique business program with a global focus. Learn business strategy, organizational behaviour and sustainability in an international business context. You can choose from a diverse range of programs and graduate degrees.

You’ll connect with other universities and an extensive network of organizations. In each program, you can take part in an international research exchange or industry practicum. You’ll earn a valuable understanding of sustainable international business.

Degree programs offered

Program Expected length Project or thesis Course-based
Daytime MBA 16 months No Yes
Weekend MBA 24 months No Yes
MGB 12 - 16 months No Yes
MM 1 year No Yes
PhD 4 years Yes Yes

Quick facts

Program options:
Masters, Doctorate
Program delivery:
On-campus, Other: cohort-based, on-campus; weekend options (MBA), international (MGB, MBA, MM)
Dynamic learning:
Other: MGB: Study, travel, live in 3 countries, then complete the program with a mandatory global internship. Co-op optional (MBA), internship required (MGB), industry practicum and research exchange optional (PhD)

Areas of focus

  • Business Administration
  • Strategy
  • International Business
  • Sustainability
  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Innovation

Need help?

Contact the applicable graduate secretary:

Gill Graduate School at

Wendy Mah at or 250-721-6060.

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