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Graduate program

Admission requirements for Master's programs are a recognized baccalaureate degree, minimum grade point average of  "B" on the last 30 units (2 years) of undergraduate work, and some programs require two years successful relevant professional experience.
The PhD program requires a recognized Master's degree, a minimum grade point average of  B+, and a minimum two years of successful professional experience.
Admission is based on the strength of the application file and availability of an appropriate supervisor.

For online applications and detailed information about Admission refer to Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

ONLINE Application Requirements

  • PDF/TIF files of Unofficial transcripts.
    Sealed official Transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (transcripts from the University of Victoria are not required) must be ordered and sent to Graduate Admission and Records after provisional letter of admission.
  • Provide the names of two references (academic and/or employer) with email addresses. They will receive access codes to fill in the online assessment form.
    Hard copies of assessment forms or current letters of reference must be sent in sealed envelopes to Graduate Admission and Records. In this case let your references know that they don't need to complete the online assessment form.
  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of Intent*
  • English Language Proficiency test (for International applicants)
  • Examples of academic writing (for PhD applicants only) - for example, published article, chapter from thesis, or major paper submitted in a graduate course (name of professor must be included). Please ensure you send a copy as the items will not be returned.

* Letter of Intent Content
For PhD (two pages maximum): The letter is to include the area of interest (Curriculum Studies, Language and Literacy, ECE, etc.), the topics of interest within that area (elementary, secondary, etc.), and a description of the student's background which would support this research. It is not a research proposal but rather will be used to find a good match with a supervisor.

For MA (100 words): The area of interest and topics within the area as well as relevant experience. It is not a proposal and will be used to find a good match with a supervisor.

For MEd (100 words): The student will explain their career aspirations beyond this degree and outline personal goals during the program. When applying for a specific cohort program, please ensure that in your Letter of Intent.

All supporting documents should be sent to Graduate Admissions and Records. Detailed information for Submission of Documents is here. Failure to do so may result in longer processing times.

APPLICATION DEADLINES for all graduate programs:

Domestic applicants: January 31st
International:January 31st

Domestic applicants:January 31st
Note: Open only for domestic MEd. Applicants

All students who wish to be considered for a Master or PhD University Fellowship must have their applications in and complete by the September deadline date. These fellowships are awarded for entry into a full-time program beginning in September and is strictly based on GPA.

Applications submitted for the September entry date and fellowship consideration will be reviewed in March.
Applications submitted for the May entry date will be reviewed at the end of February.

Course descriptions for the graduate courses we offer may be found in the academic calendar.