Curriculum Studies

M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies Cohort (Curriculum Leadership in BC) 

This program is designed to bring experienced teachers together to explore developments in curriculum theories in practice, supporting significant shifts in curriculum as conceptualized and operationalized through competency-based curriculum and assessment approaches. It offers a site in which educators can take up questions of practice that arise in their particular settings. The programs are designed to support educators to become more thoughtful and informed practitioners.

Curriculum Studies - International Cohort

The Master of Education degree in curriculum studies (international cohort) offers educators a dynamic opportunity to work together in a two-year cohort. The courses in the program will focus on current issues and trends in education, and will address a range of theories and principles that guide teaching and learning. Students will conclude their program by developing an original graduating project based on their specific area of interest. This cohort is only open to "international students".

Students will complete 15 units (7 courses plus graduating project). The typical program is 5 full fee payments. Subject to enrolment.

This M.Ed Degree program does not qualify graduates to teach in Canadian K-12 schools. 

For more info about this cohort please contact our graduate secretary:

M.A. & PhD

Curriculum studies is a distinct area of scholarship and field of study. While it is an area commonly located within departments of curriculum and pedagogy, curriculum studies enables inquiries into notions of curriculum writ large. Scholarship in curriculum studies engages epistemological and ontological questions through conceptual lenses such as:

  • curriculum as discourse, document, plan(ned), live(d), hidden, null
  • historical and political
  • internationalization of curriculum studies and research
  • cultural theory
  • critical theory
  • feminist and poststructural perspectives
  • social and ecological justice

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Faculty Contact: Dr. Wanda Hurren