Social, Cultural and Foundational Studies

M.A. and PhD

The core of this program is Historical, Philosophical, and Sociological analysis of educational phenomena and problems as they are relevant to contemporary educational experiences, public conversations about political and social institutions, and areas of academic research interest. This program is of special interest to people who wish to study educational and social institutions and relationships from a single or multi- disciplinary perspective.  Research topics for proposed theses, projects, or dissertations may include any relevant combination of philosophical, historical, or sociological research perspectives.

Expertise of faculty within the area (for MA and PhD) 

  • Philosophy of education
  • Moral education
  • Dissent and minority rights
  • Independent and separate schools
  • Catholic education
  • Religion/spirituality in schools
  • Social and historical foundations of education in BC
  • Aboriginal/indigenous education
  • Multicultural/anti-racist education
  • Education policy studies
  • First nations and minority education
  • Educational reform

Admission Requirements

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Contact information

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Faculty of Education, University of Victoria
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Department Graduate Advisor
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Faculty Contact: Dr. Graham McDonough