Educational Technology

M.Ed. in Educational Technology (Technology and Innovation in Education Cohort)

Our M.Ed. is a project-based program designed for educators, learning support, and administrators, at the K-12 or post-secondary level, who wish to develop their competencies integrating technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning. Our courses are offered in either online-only or in multi-access course formats, enabling some learners to complete the entire program online, while others may opt to be face-to-face during the multi-access courses. All of our courses offer synchronous whole group activities and opportunities for peer-to-peer synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. 

M.A. and PhD

Our master’s and doctoral programs focus on developing research studies in the field of educational technology. Students work together with their supervisor to develop an individualized program of study designed to culminate in a contribution to the field of research on educational technology. Our graduates have moved on to work centrally in university learning and teaching centres, centres for accessible learning, technology-integrated learning units, and secured tenure-track faculty positions. We support learners who are enrolled full-time, while also supporting full-time professionals who may need to enroll part-time during their studies. Currently, these programs involve two core courses that are on-campus face-to-face, although many of our learners complete the rest of their program remotely using either online electives or courses at other universities through the Western Dean’s Agreement. Our learners are a part of a strong online learning community, facilitated through weekly meetings via video and ongoing backchannel chat. 

Expertise of faculty within the area (for MA and PhD)

  • Contemporary issues in educational technology, including digital, networked, and open technologies
  • Educational technologies to support personalization, inquiry-based learning, blended learning, online and merging modalities, connectedness, open education, digital and open scholarship, and access
  • Technology to support digital literacies and assessment

Admission Requirements

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