Message from the Associate Dean Research

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Colin Bradley, PhD, PEng
Associate Dean — Research

Our Engineering and Computer Science faculty members conduct innovative, multi-disciplinary research that addresses critical challenges across a diverse array of fields such as: green structures and materials; smart buildings; environmentally compatible energy systems; biomedical engineering; data science; autonomous systems; wave and wind power; photonics; and software engineering. Many of our research initiatives are interdisciplinary, involving collaborations with other faculties, universities and industry partners.

The faculty is currently home to about 100 academic researchers and 600 graduate students across four departments. These researchers are leaders in their disciplines, as demonstrated by the quality of their publications in high-impact international journals and conference venues. At the same time, their work provides innovative, practical solutions that contribute to a better future for people and the planet.

Our research initiatives are supported by a wide array of funding agencies, including government, industry and the non-profit sector, while our graduate students benefit from fellowships and scholarships both internal and external to the university. The faculty is constantly recruiting new graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to partner with our faculty members and focus on interdisciplinary research in areas that will make an impact on global challenges. Our graduates will be prepared to meet these challenges as they take their positions as future leaders in industry, government and academia and continue to create critical technologies that improve energy, healthcare, information technology and communications. These graduates find employment in traditional industries, high-tech start-ups, government and academia, and many have also started their own businesses, making a significant contribution to the regional and provincial economies.

Our faculty’s research culture is enterprising, dynamic and diverse. We bring together researchers, students and staff who embrace partnerships with industry and other sectors, collaboratively secure research funding, and develop prototype technologies and systems that translate research to highly effective real-world solutions.

Colin Bradley, Associate Dean Research