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Once you've registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL), you can request accommodations to help you meet essential course or program requirements. Fulfilling these requirements remains your responsibility.

Accommodations help to mitigate specific learning barriers that may occur in:

  • lectures and course materials
  • quizzes, tests, exams and other assessments
  • written assignments
  • class discussions
  • technology

Advanced notice

We need extra time to put some accommodations in place. Please contact us 6-8 weeks before the start of term if you require:

  • course materials in an alternate format
  • sign language interpreting or transcribing
  • physical learning environment adaptations

Reduced course loads

Students registered with CAL can take a reduced course load and still be considered a full-time student for academic purposes. A reduced course load accommodation is defined as at least 3 units of credit in each term (such as two 1.5 credit courses per term).

You can still take part in university programming that requires full-time status, such as scholarships and awards, while taking a reduced course load. Please visit UVic Student Awards and Financial Aid for more information.

If you need a Reduced Course Load Letter, please email the front desk or call 250-472-4947.

Please note that external agencies such as Medical Services Plan, Canada Revenue Agency and extended health care providers use standard definitions of full-time and part-time course load and consider full-time as 4 or more courses per term for undergraduate students. UVic does not have any authority on the definitions set by external agencies.


If you feel your accommodations are not being met, contact the Office of the Ombudsperson. This is an independent, impartial and confidential resource to help you resolve problems or disputes. You can contact the ombudsperson at any time to:

  • understand your options, rights and responsibilities
  • receive coaching on how to raise an issue or complaint
  • assist in communication or problem-solving
  • get assistance in the use of appeal procedures
  • investigate and make recommendations

Need help?

Email us or call the front desk at 250-472-4947 if you have any questions or concerns.