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Full-serve notetaking program

The full-serve notetaking program is a convenient, confidential way to receive supplemental lecture notes from a notetaker.

How it works

The full-serve notetaking program is available to students with the peer notetaking accommodation. You can discuss your accommodation plan with your CAL advisor. Contact the CAL Front Desk by email or by phone at 250-472-4947 to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

  1. Release your accommodation letter
  2. Complete the notetaking agreement online form once per term
  3. Request a notetaker for your course
  4. Contact your CAL advisor to apply for Canada Student Grant funding for your notetaker
  5. We will find a high-quality notetaker in your course and email you whenever you can download new notes
  6. We send you a bill at the end of term

Fees and deadlines

The full-serve notetaking program costs $250 per term and per course. The cost is reduced to $50 or $100 if you cancel before the deadlines listed below. We will send your bill within two weeks of the end of the term's final exam period.

Term $50 deadline $100 deadline
Fall (September - December) September 30 October 31
Winter (January - April) January 31 February 29
Summer (May 3 - July 28) June 1 July 1
Summer (May 15 - June 7) May 22 May 29
Summer (May 15 - June 30) May 29 June 12
Summer (June 8 - June 30) June 15 June 22
Summer (July 5 - July 27) July 12 July 19
Summer (July 5 - August 21) July 19 August 2
Summer (July 28 - August 21) August 5 August 12
You must notify the notetaking program by email if you want to cancel a notetaker, including if you drop a course. If you do not notify the notetaking program, you will be billed the full amount.


The full-serve notetaking program tries to fulfill all requests, but we cannot guarantee we will find a notetaker in your course. Similarly, we cannot guarantee we will find a replacement if your notetaker drops out of the program. We will alert you immediately if we cannot find a notetaker and you will not be billed for the course.

Need help?

Send us an email if you have questions or need more information about notetaking services.

Please contact us immediately if:

  • You cannot access your notes
  • Your notes are not available after two business days
  • There is anything wrong with your notes
  • You drop a course