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Accommodated assessments

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) Assessment Program is available to:

  • invigilate face-to-face, supervised, timed, paper-based or online exams
  • provide guidance and support on exam accommodations for students and instructors

As soon as possible, release your accommodation letter through CAL Online Student Services and connect with your instructor to determine if/how your exam accommodations will apply.

Booking exams with CAL

If you have exam accommodations, go to the "Review upcoming appointments, quizzes and tests" section of CAL Online Student Services and review your schedule of booked exams.

Some instructors may not book an exam through the CAL Assessment Program because:

  • they have an alternate plan for accommodating you
  • the exam may not require supervision
  • it may not be possible to accommodate the format of the exam at CAL (such as lab exams that require specific material, software, audio/visual components).

If you believe your booked exam should be scheduled with the CAL Assessment Program, contact your instructor.

If you are booked for an exam with the CAL Assessment Program but you do not wish to write it with us, please cancel the booking as soon as possible. You can cancel an exam booking with the "Cancel" button on the upcoming appointments page of CAL Online Student Services.

Extra time accommodations

If you receive extra time for exams, we will add it to your booking.

Time conflicts

If your exam accommodations create scheduling conflicts, please email us at least one week before your exam date.

Accommodations affecting start time

If your quiz or exam time begins before the regularly scheduled class sitting, regardless of what time you complete the exam, you will be required to remain supervised in the exam room until 15 minutes after the class's quiz start time, or 30 minutes after the class's exam start time.

While being supervised, you may access print material such as class notes or textbooks. You may not leave the exam room, communicate with others, or use electronic devices of any kind, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets and MP3 players.

Missed exams

If you are unable to write a scheduled exam with the CAL Assessment Program you must speak directly to your instructor. CAL staff cannot advise on options/policies for missed exams. If your instructor gives you permission to write a missed exam, you must provide written authorization to the Exam Coordinator.

Late arrival

As outlined in UVic's regulations governing administration of University examinations, students may not enter the examination room after the expiration of the first half hour, nor leave during the first half hour of an examination.

If you arrive late for an exam, but within the first half hour rule, you will be provided with the remaining time of your original booking. Any missed time is forfeited and extra time will not be provided.

If you arrive late for an exam after the expiration of the first half hour, the CAL Assessment Program cannot permit you to begin without written authorization from your instructor. Any missed time is forfeited and extra time will not be provided.

Extra time accommodations

If your instructor is providing a time span greater than the intended duration of the exam, and the given time meets or exceeds your additional time accommodation, then additional time generally does not apply.

For example:

  • your instructor is giving the whole class two hours for a test that is intended to take one hour to complete, or
  • your instructor is giving the whole class 24 hours or longer to complete the exam

If the time span given does not exceed your extra time accommodation, speak to your instructor.