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Exam services for instructors

The Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) Exam Centre provides accommodated exam supports to instructors, including:

  • trained exam invigilators
  • a distraction-reduced environment
  • computers with specialized software
  • scheduling for extra time
  • exam printing

Note: the CAL Exam Centre refers to all quizzes, tests, exams and other timed assessments as "exams".

May-August 2023 deadlines

Due to a growing student population and space limits, the CAL Exam Centre continues to enforce deadlines.

  • In-term invigilation requests:
    • Term 1 (May 3 to July 28): May 17
    • Term 2 (May 15 to June 30): May 23
    • Term 3 (July 5 to August 21): July 12
    • Term 4 (May 15 to June 7): May 23
    • Term 5 (June 8 to June 30): June 15
    • Term 6 (July 5 to Jul 27): July 12
    • Term 7 (July 28 to August 21): August 4
    • Other: second day of class
  • Printing by CAL Exam Centre: 12 p.m. (noon) the business day before the exam
  • Term 1 final exam period invigilation requests: to be announced

Exam formats

The CAL Exam Centre can invigilate and apply accommodations for face-to-face, timed, supervised exams.

  • we can only invigilate face-to-face exams, like in-lecture mid-term exams. We cannot invigilate remote exams.
  • we can only invigilate timed exams, like 15 minute quizzes or 3 hour final exams. We cannot invigilate multi-day exams.
  • we can only invigilate supervised exams, like in-tutorial quizzes. We cannot invigilate take-home exams.


Submit a copy of your exam by the submission deadline and we will print everything out for your students.


Students can use a CAL-managed computer or their own computer in the CAL Exam Centre.

You must submit any passwords for your exam to the CAL Exam Centre by noon the business day before.

You are responsible for:

  • applying extra time accommodations
  • adjusting exam access for students with alternate start times
  • providing an alternate Brightspace quiz if Respondus LockDown Browser conflicts with software required for an accommodation

The learning experience designers in Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) can help you improve the accessibility of your course, including by applying accommodations in Brightspace courses.

Final exams

We do not need your final exam details until the Office of the Registrar publishes the final exam schedule.

Other formats

The CAL Exam Centre cannot invigilate all exam formats, such lab exams that require dangerous substances like solvents or animal specimens. Please contact us with more information about your exam to find out if we can support you.

LTSI provides the Online Assessment Room for Zoom invigilation of rescheduled or extended online exams.

Request services

You can submit a request for CAL Exam Centre exam invigilation services through CAL Online Instructor Services. We need the following exam information:

  • date
  • start time
  • duration
  • your contact information
  • format
  • allowed items
  • delivery method
  • return method
  • printing instructions
  • required software

The deadline to request invigilation services this term is listed at the top of this page. We do not need copies of your exam until noon the business day before your exam.

Exam space limitations

Due to a growing student population and space limitations, the CAL Exam Centre will reach its capacity at some times on some days. We will identify these events and notify you as early as possible if students need alternate exam space or dates. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.


Submit exam copies

The CAL Exam Centre will print your exam if you submit an electronic or physical copy to us by noon the business day before the exam. After that, you must provide appropriate electronic and physical hard copies by 8 a.m. the day of the exam.

Missed deadlines

The CAL Exam Centre advertises accommodated exam service deadlines each term.

Invigilation requests

Late invigilation requests will only be considered under specific circumstances, such as receiving your first accommodation letter or being assigned to a course after the invigilation request deadline.

Date/time changes

Contact the CAL Exam Centre if you need to change the date or time of your exam after the deadline. We will do our best to accommodate the change but cannot guarantee availability.

File submission

The CAL Exam Centre will cancel invigilation services for your exam if we do not receive all necessary physical and electronic copies by 8 a.m. the day of the exam.

Exam accommodations

The CAL Exam Centre applies all possible accommodations for exams we invigilate, but you can choose to apply them yourself. The student's exam accommodations are described in detail on their accommodation letter and you can contact their CAL advisor or the exam centre if you have questions.

Some common or complex exam accommodations include:

  • extra time
  • exam frequency and time of day restrictions
  • allowed items
  • non-restrictive page navigation
  • scribe, visual assistant and alternate formats
  • adaptive technology software

Extra time

The student receives more time to write exams, such as 1.5 times more (time and a half). Teach Anywhere has instructions for how to give students extra time for Brightspace quizzes.

If you are providing a time span greater than the intended duration of the exam for the whole class, and the given time meets or exceeds the greatest extra time accommodation in your course, then extra time generally does not apply. For example:

  • you are giving the whole class 2 hours for a test that takes 1 hour to complete
  • you are giving the whole class 24 hours or longer to complete the exam

Please communicate this information to your student before the day of the exam so they understand that the time provided is greater than the intended exam time so you can address any concerns in advance.

Exam frequency and time of day restrictions

The student cannot write exams at certain times or requires breaks between exams. They can write the exam at another time without penalty if they cannot write the exam at the scheduled time for reasons related to their accommodation. Refer to the student’s accommodation letter for details.

Allowed items

The student may use items outside of what you normally allow for exams, like a 5-function calculator or a formula sheet. The student must submit formula sheets and other memory aids to you in advance.

Non-restrictive page navigation

The student is allowed to navigate back and forth between questions or pages of exam questions. This is mostly limited to Brightspace quizzes.

Teach Anywhere has recommended settings for Brightspace quizzes that avoid this issue. You can contact LTSI Support if you need help.

Scribe, visual assistant and alternate formats

The student requires special assistance during exams, or exams prepared in an alternate format. Someone from a CAL special program, such as the Alternate Format Text Program, will contact you. Refer to the student’s accommodation letter for details.

Adaptive technology software

The student uses specialized software to write exams, like a screen reader or braille keyboard. The CAL Exam Centre or the student will provide the software. You may need to alter your exam’s format so it does not interfere with the software. CAL’s adaptive technologist will contact you if necessary.

Need help?

If you need help, including for scheduling make-up exams, email the CAL Exam Centre.

Email Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation (LTSI) for online exam information, including exam supervision and format options.