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Accommodation letters

Students are responsible for sharing their accommodation letters with you, so that you can provide appropriate adjustments in the classroom and in assessments.

The letter will outline the accommodations the student is eligible for as part of a plan developed with an accessible learning advisor.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about a student’s accommodation, contact the student’s advisor as listed on the letter.
  • All people listed as instructors for a course receive notification emails and access to letters.

View a letter

  1. Sign in to the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) Online Instructor Services with your NetLink ID
  2. Select “Accommodation letters” at the top of CAL Online Instructor Services for a list of all letters shared with you
  3. Select “Courses” for lists of letters for each of your courses

Acknowledge a letter

When a student gives you permission to access their letter, you will receive an email with a link.

  1. Follow the link in the email and sign into CAL Online Instructor Services with your NetLink ID
  2. Select the “Review HTML letter” or “Review PDF letter” buttons to review the student’s accommodations
  3. Check the “I acknowledge...” box and use the “Submit” button

If you have any questions, please connect with your student’s CAL advisor by replying to the email you received about the student’s letter.

Note: a student may not always choose to release their letter. In this case, you are not responsible for applying their accommodations.


The information you receive about a student's disability is confidential and its collection, protection and disclosure are governed by the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and by UVic policies AC1205 and GV0235.

Need help?

Email the CAL Front Desk or call 250-472-4947.