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Celebrating 60 years

60th anniversary artwork by Butch Dick.
Artwork by Butch Dick.

UVic was established by the Government of BC on July 1, 1963, with a ceremony the following day to lay the cornerstone of McPherson Library.

Although the university and its grounds in Gordon Head were brand new, UVic was founded and shaped by its two forerunner institutions, Victoria College and the Victoria Normal School.

The new university was largely made possible by a multi-year community-based fundraising campaign to establish the first comprehensive degree-granting university in the Greater Victoria region.
2023 marks 6 decades of achievement and transformation at UVic. Celebrate with us!

60th anniversary artwork

UVic’s 60th anniversary logo was commissioned by internationally renowned Lək̓ʷəŋən master carver and artist Dr. Butch Dick.

Marking the 60th anniversary, the eagle embodies peace and friendship, and the orca is a symbol of longevity, protection and family. Together, these symbols reflect UVic's transformative journey, from a colonial institution to one fostering Xʷkʷənəŋistəl | W̱ȻENEṈISTEL, helping to move each other forward. This is a reminder to our UVic community to think about the relationships we have made, the ones that we want to protect and to embrace the new connections we aspire to form.

UVic 60th anniversary logo

blue and white 60th uvic logo 

“The design and concept of the 60th logo involved a reflection back to early times. The concept is a contemporary approach to the traditional and powerful symbols of the eagle and a killer whale. Culturally, the orca is a part of the emergence story of the wolf people. It is said that our peoples’ existence came from the killer whale to seawolf and then to wolf.” – Butch Dick

About the artist

Dr. Butch (Clarence) Dick

Butch Dick is an established and internationally renowned Lək̓ʷəŋən master carver and artist. Trained in fine art and graphic design, Butch bridges his art with teachings as a Knowledge Keeper, advocating for his ancestors, relations and Nation. Language and cultural heritage are rooted in Butch’s work, where he interweaves both contemporary design and traditional concepts as a symbol of Lək̓ʷəŋən resilience and resurgence.