Site planning

Brainstorm with others in your area to decide what should be on your website.
Brainstorm with others in your area to decide what should be on your website.

A site plan is a list of all of the pages in your site and how they all fit together.

You can develop a first draft on your own or work with our web coordinator to come up with a plan.

1. Think about who uses your site

Use our brainstorming guide to think about your audiences and key messages.

Ask for feedback from a few people in your main audience groups. (For many UVic units, this is prospective and current students.) Even asking two or three people a few questions can tell you a lot.

A few suggested questions are:

  • What do you like best about our site right now?
  • What information is hard for you to find?
  • How can we improve our site?

2. Learn more about site planning at UVic

Read our tips for navigation planning and the anatomy of a UVic site.

Look at other UVic websites and note what you think works and what doesn't.

3. Create a first draft

Sketch out as much of your site plan as possible. We recommend making a simple bulleted list in Word or on paper, but people also use PowerPoint or Excel. Use whatever tools you feel comfortable using.

See our sample site plan for an example you can copy.

4. Get feedback

Meet with the web coordinator to discuss your plan. We'll give you feedback on your first draft and discuss the next steps. Sometimes a plan can be finalized in one meeting.

Check in with the decision makers and stakeholders in your unit about your final plan. It's very time consuming to make signficant changes to your site plan after the site has been built, so you want to find out about any problems with your site plan now.

5. You're ready to start building in Cascade!

Talk to the web coordinator about the next steps for your project.

Note: Site planning usually takes about a month for an average project for a department or research centre. You'll be doing creative thinking, consulting many people and integrating feedback. For small projects like research groups or conferences, site planning usually takes about a week.