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User experience

User experience (also known as UX) refers to a visitor's interaction with a website.

A good user experience means your audience can easily achieve their goals.

Once your web pages are accessible, readable and searchable, you have addressed 90% of the most common user experience issues.

Usability quick wins

Avoid these common UX issues to ensure your users have a positive experience on your website.

  • broken links
  • typos or misspellings
  • long, difficult to read pages
  • jargon or acronyms
  • large image, video or document files
  • sharing personal information
  • redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT) content
  • uncommon file formats

Monitoring for usability issues

UVic uses a tool called DubBot that scans our Template 4 websites and reports on many of these UX issues.