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News & event feeds

Information on Template 3 elements is available through University Systems.

You can set up a feed in Cascade to pull stories from UVic News or events from the UVic events calendar.

The Senior Web Officer can help you with the initial set up of your feed.

UVic news feed

Card style

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Story style

Open UVic child care moves to $10/day

UVic child care moves to $10/day

Some UVic families are now getting a break on their monthly expenses. The Province of British Columbia has announced that all University of Victoria child care centres have been approved to become...

Open Puzzles from the Holocaust

Puzzles from the Holocaust

Lisa Abram, a third-generation Jewish Romanian Canadian and communications officer at the UVic, has spent the last year uncovering her family’s connection to the Holocaust, aided by relatives and...

Open Exhibition celebrates great dance of life

Exhibition celebrates great dance of life

A new exhibition at UVic's Legacy Art Gallery explores Indigenous Governance scholar Devi Mucina’s roots as an Indigenous Chewa man while honouring his African ancestors and culture.

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List style

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Events feed

Events feeds are populated using the UVic events calendar (LiveWhale).

There are two types of events feeds: list or card style.

List style

Card style