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Cascade CMS

Most UVic websites are managed using a content management system (CMS) called Cascade.

A CMS allows content authors to create and edit web content without needing to know web programming languages. If you've ever updated a blog using something like WordPress, you've used a CMS.

Using your web browser, Cascade lets you edit content (text, photos and video) using a text editor, similar to Microsoft Word. Explore the main content types you can place on your web pages.

You will be required to take some training before you are granted access to Cascade. 

If you have been granted access to Cascade you can access it via Online tools.

UVic web template

Launched in summer 2020, the redesigned template (aka "Template 4.0") represents extensive user interviews, testing and best practices in accessible and mobile-optimized web design.

The design and development work have both been audited by external agencies, and we’re confident this website will meet the needs of UVic's primary web audiences.

Key features


We expect legislation in the near future mandating digital accessibility in B.C. Our fully accessible site has more white space and larger font sizes throughout.


This means our site is responsive – it works on a mobile device (our students’ primary tool), tablets and desktop. The display and image size automatically adapt to whatever screen you’re using. As you swap devices, you might see tiles move or images crop differently to accommodate your different screen size.


As we all know, Google is now the primary tool by which our users find anything on our websites. Google only references the mobile experience in its rankings. Our mobile-first design is built with search engine optimization (SEO) at its core.


We have drastically reduced the amount of content in our new sites so that Google can find the right results for our users. We've also improved the UVic template, to make it lightweight, modular and fast. Pages load much faster and the amount of data usage for users is reduced.

Cross-device compatible

The new template works with all modern browsers, including:

  • Edge 12+
  • Firefox 28+
  • Chrome 21+
  • Safari 6+
  • Opera 12+

Note: We no longer fully support Internet Explorer, which had its last major release in 2013 (IE v11). Microsoft is now recommending that you use their Edge browser instead, which may already be installed on your PC.

Refer to Supported Browsers for UVic applications from University Systems for more information.

The design and development team has worked hard to align with industry best practices. We have implemented tools, processes and training as we roll out the new template to ensure the sites remain accessible, searchable and responsive.

Customization & special requests

Please do not modify the Edge web template. If you have specific customization needs, please contact the to discuss how we can address your needs within the current template style.

Non-Cascade sites

Official UVic units are required to be in the branded template. This creates a consistent, unified experience for our audiences. Users need to trust that any website speaking on behalf of the university is who they say they are.


  • Research groups, labs or personal projects
  • Conferences and events
  • Blogs & portfolios (consider UVic's Online Academic Community service, powered by WordPress)
  • Sub-brands (e.g. Bookstore, PICS, Vikes)
  • Student groups or course unions

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