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Template 4.0 image types

Information on image dimensions for Template 3 Cascade sites is available through University Systems.

Card image

  • Recommended dimensions: 1064x599 pixels
  • Usage: landing, campaign and persuasive pages
Card header
Spaghetti noodles, fresh tomatoes and basil on a wooden table

Card title

Card body text goes here.

Card header 2

Card title 2

A sample card with no feature image.

Promo card image

  • Recommended dimensions: 1440x810 pixels
  • Usage: landing, campaign, and persuasive pages

Card title

Content main image

  • Recommended dimensions: 1440x810 pixels
  • Usage: content pages

Landing page hero image (jumbotron)

Screenshot of a jumbotron image on the UVic homepage

Persuasive hero image

  • Recommended dimensions: 1440x810 pixels
  • Usage: persuasive pages

Storygrid images

Storygrid wide

  • Required dimensions: 520x346 pixels
  • Usage: News, YouTube storygrid blocks

Storygrid square

  • Required dimensions: 520x520 pixels
  • Usage: Instagram storygrid blocks
Fresh pasta ingredients arranged on a wood table top with wooden spoon and tea towel.

Overlay card

Recommended dimensions: 3600x1450 pixels
Usage: persuasive or campaign pages.

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