Update your Zoom client

Updated January 6 2022

Zoom regularly releases new versions of the Zoom Client to add features, resolve issues, and patch security vulnerabilities. To ensure you are protected against vulnerabilities in the Zoom Client and can use the latest features of Zoom in your online meetings, UVic will be implementing a minimum version requirement of 5.8.4 for all UVic Zoom accounts on December 22, 2021.

After December 22, 2021, if you are using a version of the Zoom Client older than 5.8.4, you will be asked to update the next time you attempt to join a meeting. The update must be completed before you can join. Your Zoom client will be updated to the most current version available.

The latest versions of the Zoom Client can perform automatic updates to keep you at the latest version. After upgrading to a modern version of the Zoom Client, you can use this feature to keep your device up to date without the need to manually update Zoom.

To avoid any delays or disruption when joining or hosting meetings after December 22, 2021, we recommend that you update your Zoom Client at your earliest opportunity. If you require any assistance updating your Zoom Client, please contact the Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or .

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