Faculty research

The Political Science department has outstanding faculty and includes researchers that have International reputations. They conduct research in a wide-variety of areas ranging from cutting edge scholarship on European integration to radical re-thinking about the possibility of politics in a post-modern era.

Below you'll find a list of the department's faculty and their areas of specialization and current research.

Regular faculty

Name Areas of specialization and current research Email
Dr. Kelly Aguirre Indigenous politics; Political theory; Indigenous rhetorics; Poetics and storytelling practices
Dr. Michelle Bonner Latin American politics; human rights; social movements; police and democratization; gender and democratization; comparative politics; global south (Latin America)
Dr. Marlea Clarke African Politics (Southern Africa focus); comparative politics (global south focus); political economy of development; precarious employment and labour market restructuring; commodity chains (garment industry); work and migration; globalisation; gender and politics
Dr. A. Claire Cutler International relations theory; international law and organization; private international trade law; international political economy
Dr. Rita Dhamoon Identity/difference politics and power including multicultural policies and theories, culture, nation-building, gender politics and feminism, intersectionality, critical race, post-colonial and anti-colonial politics, citizenship and democratic politics; focus on Canadian politics
Dr. Avigail Eisenberg Democratic theory including pluralism, feminism and minority rights; Canadian politics including constitutional law and politics, minority groups, human rights and civil liberties
Dr. Simon Glezos Speed and technology; contemporary political theory; international relations theory; theories of the state; theories of political violence; globalization; contemporary information technologies; capitalism and resistance
Dr. Wilfrid (Will) Greaves Securitization and security theory; human and environmental security; climate change; natural resource extraction; Arctic politics; Canadian foreign policy
Dr. Matt James Canadian constitutionalism and citizenship; Canadian politics; social movements; prestige; political theory; reparations.
Dr. James Lawson Canadian politics and political economy; environmental and natural-resource politics; the historical geography of resource policy conflict
Dr. Justin Leifso Canadian politics; Canadian public policy; neoliberalism; governance in Canada
Dr. Mara Marin Feminist theory; social theory; history of political thought; structural injustice; oppression; domination; legal theory; authority; political obligation
Dr. Oliver Schmidtke Citizenship and immigration; identity politics; comparative politics; xenophobia and racism; European integration.
Dr. Sarah E. Sharma International political economy; global environmental governance; international relations; global governance; global finance; global north-global south relations; global displacements
Dr. Amy Verdun European integration studies; monetary integration; European integration theory; European comparative politics; international political economy; international relations
Dr. Scott Watson Securitisation and the social construction of security/insecurity; international relations theory; international security; migration and refugee policy
Dr. Andrew Wender Politics, society, and religion in the Middle East and worldwide; political theory; religion, and philosophy including comparative political theory and comparative religion
Dr. Feng Xu Chinese politics; comparative politics (East Asia); gender politics (especially East Asia); migration and citizenship; national and diaspora identities; policy ideas, translation theory and global hegemony; global south (East Asia)

Adjuncts and Cross-listed faculty

Name Areas of specialization and current research Email
Dr. Janni Aragon, Gender and politics; American politics; feminist theories and methodologies; social movements; youth and politics; women and technology, and transnational feminisms
Michael Asch Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthroplogy
Dr. Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly,
Public Administration
Comparative politics; urban politics and governance; comparative urban politics and policies; comparative border cities and regions
Dr. Jeff Corntassel,
Indigenous Studies
Global Indigenous rights; Indigenous political mobilization/self-determination movements
Dr. Arthur Kroker,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary French and German political theory; Canadian political and social thought; technology, culture and theory; ethics and biotechnology
Dr. Colin MacLeod,
Contemporary political philosophy; ethics; philosophy of law
Dr. Warren Magnusson,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary social and political thought; governmentality and politics; the local and the global; the political economy of the urban; urbanism as a way of life
Dr. Laura Parisi,
Gender Studies
Globalization and resistance; gender and international human rights; gender and international development
Dr. Michael Prince,
Studies in Policies and Practices
Trends in social policy; federal-provincial relations; aboriginal governance; policy making in disability politics; policy issues.
Dr. Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark,
Indigenous Governance Program
Indigenous comparative politics; Indigenous diplomacy and treaty relations; Indigenous legal traditions and governance; US/Canadian Indigenous law and policy.
Dr. Reeta Tremblay,
Adjunct Professor (Emerita)
Comparative federalism; public policy; identity politics; global south (South Asia)
Dr. Jim Tully,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
political and legal theory/philosophy and their history: public philosophy, freedom, constitutionalism, nonviolence, civic engagement, Indigenous-Settler relations
Dr. RBJ (Rob) Walker
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary social and political thought; theories of discourse, ideology and culture; philosophy of social science; international political theory; concepts of space and time in political thought; modernity/postmodernity
Dr. Michael C. Webb
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
International political economy; globalization and governance; Canadian foreign policy