Faculty research

The Political Science department has outstanding faculty and includes researchers that have International reputations. They conduct research in a wide-variety of areas ranging from cutting edge scholarship on European integration to radical re-thinking about the possibility of politics in a post-modern era.

Below you'll find a list of the department's faculty and their areas of specialization and current research.

Regular faculty

Name Areas of specialization and current research Email
Dr. Colin Bennett Comparative politics and public policy (advanced industrial countries); American government and politics; information and communications policy
Dr. Michelle Bonner Latin American politics; human rights; social movements; police and democratization; gender and democratization; comparative politics; global south (Latin America)
Dr. Marlea Clarke African Politics (Southern Africa focus); comparative politics (global south focus); political economy of development; precarious employment and labour market restructuring; commodity chains (garment industry); work and migration; globalisation; gender and politics
Dr. A. Claire Cutler International relations theory; international law and organization; private international trade law; international political economy
Dr. Rita Dhamoon Identity/difference politics and power including multicultural policies and theories, culture, nation-building, gender politics and feminism, intersectionality, critical race, post-colonial and anti-colonial politics, citizenship and democratic politics; focus on Canadian politics
Dr. Avigail Eisenberg Democratic theory including pluralism, feminism and minority rights; Canadian politics including constitutional law and politics, minority groups, human rights and civil liberties
Dr. Simon Glezos Speed and technology; contemporary political theory; international relations theory; theories of the state; theories of political violence; globalization; contemporary information technologies; capitalism and resistance
Dr. Wilfrid (Will) Greaves Securitization and security theory; human and environmental security; climate change; natural resource extraction; Arctic politics; Canadian foreign policy
Dr. Matt James Canadian constitutionalism and citizenship; Canadian politics; social movements; prestige; political theory; reparations.
Dr. James Lawson Canadian politics and political economy; environmental and natural-resource politics; the historical geography of resource policy conflict
Dr. Mara Marin

Feminist theory; social theory; history of political thought; structural injustice; oppression; domination; legal theory; authority; political obligation

Dr. Oliver Schmidtke Citizenship and immigration; identity politics; comparative politics; xenophobia and racism; European integration.
Dr. Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark Indigenous comparative politics; Indigenous diplomacy and treaty relations; Indigenous legal traditions and governance; US/Canadian Indigenous law and policy.
Dr. Reeta Tremblay Comparative federalism; public policy; identity politics; global south (South Asia)
Dr. Amy Verdun European integration studies; monetary integration; European integration theory; European comparative politics; international political economy; international relations
Dr. Scott Watson Securitisation and the social construction of security/insecurity; international relations theory; international security; migration and refugee policy
Dr. Michael C. Webb International political economy; globalization and governance; Canadian foreign policy
Dr. Andrew Wender Politics, society, and religion in the Middle East and worldwide; political theory; religion, and philosophy including comparative political theory and comparative religion
Dr. Guoguang Wu Institutional change; political economy, globalization; elite politics; media and politics; foreign policy and regional security with empirical references to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
Dr. Feng Xu Chinese politics; comparative politics (East Asia); gender politics (especially East Asia); migration and citizenship; national and diaspora identities; policy ideas, translation theory and global hegemony; global south (East Asia)

Adjuncts and Cross-listed faculty

Name Areas of specialization and current research Email
Janni Aragon, Gender and politics; American politics; feminist theories and methodologies; social movements; youth and politics; women and technology, and transnational feminisms
Michael Asch Socio-cultural anthropology; North America; political and legal anthroplogy
Sikata Banerjee,
Gender Studies
Indian politics; nationalism; masculinities
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly,
School of Public Administration
Comparative politics; urban politics and governance; comparative urban politics and policies; comparative border cities and regions
Jeff Corntassel,
Indigenous Governance Program
Global Indigenous rights; Indigenous political mobilization/self-determination movements
Arthur Kroker,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary French and German political theory; Canadian political and social thought; technology, culture and theory; ethics and biotechnology
Colin MacLeod,
Contemporary political philosophy; ethics; philosophy of law
Warren Magnusson,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary social and political thought; governmentality and politics; the local and the global; the political economy of the urban; urbanism as a way of life
Laura Parisi,
Gender Studies
Globalization and resistance; gender and international human rights; gender and international development
Michael Prince,
Studies in Policies and Practices
Trends in social policy; federal-provincial relations; aboriginal governance; policy making in disability politics; policy issues.
Karena Shaw,
School of Environmental Studies
Political ecology; feminist theory; indigenous politics; environmental politics
Jim Tully,
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
political and legal theory/philosophy and their history: public philosophy, freedom, constitutionalism, nonviolence, civic engagement, Indigenous-Settler relations
RBJ (Rob) Walker
Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)
Contemporary social and political thought; theories of discourse, ideology and culture; philosophy of social science; international political theory; concepts of space and time in political thought; modernity/postmodernity