Phil Henderson

Phil Henderson

Canadian settler colonialism/imperialism; whiteness; subject formation; politics of anger; neoliberalism; Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound

Dr. Heidi Stark


Phil currently holds a Bachelor’s (Hons.) in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Victoria, with a specialization in Cultural, Social and Political thought. His MA thesis is entitled Worlds on the Edge: The Politics of Settler Resentment on the Saugeen/Bruce Peninsula (2016). As a part of his doctoral work, he will be participating in the Indigenous Nationhood Certificate. His dissertation is tentatively entitled The (Dis)Possessed Peninsula.

Phil’s research, which benefits from the generous support of SSHRC, focuses on the intersections of settler colonialism and neoliberalism; in particular, how these regimes co-constitute and reinforce one another. His ongoing research investigates the growing sense of settler anger in the age of neoliberal restructuring and the ways in which this anger deepens settler investments in processes of colonial (dis)possession. Predominantly, his research focuses on the territories of the Saugeen Anishinaabek, also known as the south-western Ontario riding of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound where he and his family live as settlers. 

His research has appeared in E-IR, the Journal of Narrative Politics, the Journal of Settler Colonial Studies, and The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television. For more information please feel free to contact, or see his Academia profile.