Graduate student profiles

Current PhD students




Kelly Aguirre self-determination; decolonial knowledge practices; Indigenous scholarship and epistemologies; narrativity and storytelling; intelligibility; critical theory; Modernity/Coloniality
Marta Bashovski cultural, social and political thought; international political theory; language, narrative, and classification; aesthetics; spatiotemporalities
Regan Burles contemporary social and political thought; international relations theory; history of political thought; sovereignty; critique
Joanna de V. Cordeiro political and international theory; CSPT; politics of historiography
Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley self-governance, citizen action. local governance, resource extraction, indigenous representations, critical theory, territorial knowledge
Sam Grey settler colonialism; reparations politics; politics of emotion; political virtue; indigenous comparative politics; non-western political thought
Mehdi Hashemi international relations; comparative politics
Phil Henderson Canadian settler colonialism/imperialism; whiteness; subject formation; politics of anger; neoliberalism; Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound
David Lark global political economy ; transnational law ; international relations ; international trade and investment policy ; global governance; development
Matthew Law political theory; democratic theory; everyday life
Lynn Ng Yu Ling cultural, social and political thought, nationalism and citizenship, participatory democracy
Iryna Matiyenko politics of electronic identity cards; identity management policies, privacy and resistance to surveillance
David Miller political theory; social, cultural and political thought
Katherine Newman political theory; political economy; urban politics; citizenship; sovereignty; governmentality; continental philosophy
Tatsiana Shaban regionalism; european integration; eastern partnership; good governance; institution-building; Ukraine
Shannon João Pinto Sterrett comparative/international political economy; Latin American Politics (Brasil/Venezuela); Neogramscianism/Marxism; counter-hegemony; globalization; participatory democracy; politics of the body
Ariel Taylor Latin American politics; neoliberalism; corporate social responsibility; political economy; democratization; resource conflicts.
Didier Zuniga political theory; history of political thought