Lynn Ng Yu Ling


Global political economy, feminist political economy, reproductive and care work, racial capitalism, national identity and citizenship studies, participatory democracy

Dr. Feng Xu


Lynn is currently a PhD Candidate in Political Science at UVic under the supervision of Dr Feng Xu. Previously, she obtained a BA (Hons) in Human Geography from Durham University (UK) and an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge (UK).

Her research focuses on the intersections of gender and race identity in eldercare work in the Asian Tiger states of Singapore and Taiwan. Since coming to UVic, she has had the pleasure of working closely with the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPI) where she was previously a Crossing Borders (Incoming) Queen Elizabeth Scholar. More recently, she obtained a CAPI Research Fellowship which will help fund the Taiwan leg of her research. She has also obtained the 2020 Gladys Nipp & Stephen Mah Family Award (UVic Libraries) and was a joint-recipient of the Identity Data and Systemic Racism Research Fellowship (Faculty of Social Sciences).

She will be a panel chair and participant in the June 2021 Creating Commons Conference hosted by CAPI at UVic and the University of Crete in Greece.