Gizem Sozen


Political Theory; Cultural, Social and Political Thought

Dr. Simon Glezos


Gizem Sozen is a PhD candidate at the Political Science Program with a concentration in Cultural, Social and Political Thought at the University of Victoria. She received her BA in Sociology from Koc University, Istanbul in 2009 and her MA in the Social and Political Thought Program from York University, Toronto, in 2012.

After her MA, she gained a Diploma in Art History from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Her current academic interests include: history of anarchist thought, theories of the state, politics of art and aesthetics, history of fascist ideology and aesthetics, poststructuralist thought, feminist and queer theories, critical race theories. In her dissertation, she is looking at reactionary elements within the 19th century anarchist thought and anarchist avant-garde art.