Alfredo Garcia

Alfredo Garcia

Global Indigenous politics; settler-colonialism/imperialism; international relations; critical race theory & intersectionality; Latin American politics; contemporary Marxist political thought

Dr. Heidi Stark/Dr. Jeff Corntassel


Alfredo currently holds a Bachelor’s (Hons.) in Political Science (International Relations & Transnational Law) and a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies, both from Carleton University. His MA thesis analyzed the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark decision (Tsilhqot'in Nation v British Columbia 2014) to affirm Aboriginal title and the tensions between Indigenous Nationhood and Canadian economic development.

Alfredo Garcia is of Maya-Pipil descent and son of political refugees from El Salvador. Witnessing the common struggles of racism and exploitation of Indigenous lands between Latin America and North America is what drew him to focus his PhD dissertation on the intersections of hemispheric Indigenous issues and global political economy.

His SSHRC supported dissertation will focus on Canada’s monopoly on the global extraction industry. Currently, 75% of the world’s mining corporations are headquartered in major Canadian cities. This investigation will examine the ways in which Canada’s economic stability is directly sustained by its ability to extract resources from Indigenous livelihoods inside and outside of its borders.

Alfredo is also a senior advisor with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation. For more information please feel free to contact.