Co-op information for potential employers

Through Social Science Co-operative Education and Career Services, you can connect with enthusiastic political science students and graduates who are looking to contribute their skills and knowledge in meaningful ways. Whether you are looking to hire a recent graduate or a student for a short-term project, casual work, or a volunteer role, we can help.

Co-operative education (Co-op) is an innovative learning strategy that integrates practical experience with academic studies. Students, the university and employers 'co-operate' in the process of educating the leaders of tomorrow. Employers like you are valued co-educators who provide challenging positions that strengthen co-op students' professional competence.

Supervisors enjoy working with UVic political science students because of the skills, perspectives, knowledge, and enthusiasm they bring, plus for the opportunity to mentor a future leader. Strategically, co-op students can help with seasonal work fluctuations, special projects, or with long-term recruitment strategies.

Hiring and working with a co-op student

Co-op terms typically begin at the start of January, May and September and usually last four or eight months. In short, the co-op process is:

  1. Develop a job description and send it to us:
  2. Shortlist and interview your top candidates (we can coordinate all the logistics)
  3. Let us know who you would like to hire
  4. Meet your new employee and discuss your work expectations and their learning objectives
  5. Support their learning and work performance
  6. Discuss the student's progress with a Co-op Coordinator during a midterm meeting
  7. Evaluate the student's performance and learning at the end of the co-op term – co-op employers are co-educators so have input towards the student's grade

Questions? Contact the Political Science Co-op Coordinator, Helen Kobrc at or 250-721-7358 for more information.

If you would like to find a student volunteer, hire a graduate, or hire for a casual position, please contact Career Services at .

If you would like to participate in an on-campus recruitment initiative (career fair, information session), contact Amy Van Zant, Marketing & Events Coordinator at or 250-721-8840