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Our programs have a strong field component that includes the observation, identification and sampling of biodiversity.

The Restoration of Natural Systems (RNS) Program is an award-winning curriculum that has been providing education in the practical and theoretical knowledge of ecological restoration since 1996. It offers a Diploma and a Certificate in ecological restoration, both at the 3rd and 4th year university level.

The Diploma is a credit offering that consists of 12 courses and requires admittance to the University as well as to the RNS program. The Certificate is 8 courses for noncredit and does not require admittance to the University, only acceptance to the program.

The courses for the RNS Diploma and Certificate are the same.  Some people prefer the Certificate because it is shorter and suits their needs. International students also benefit from the noncredit status of courses in the Certificate and do not have to pay the higher international fees associated with credit courses. Enrolling for the Certificate is also easier because enrolling is done through Continuing Studies only and to enroll for the Diploma requires applying through the university’s Admissions Office. People taking the Diploma do so because they prefer the additional instruction, the higher stature of a Diploma versus a Certificate and/or because they are applying the courses to a degree and need Academic Credit.

For both the Diploma and Certificate, admittance is based on a combination of work/life experience and post secondary education that is deemed equivalent to two years of university study. Students in the Diploma option may apply their course credits towards a degree in Environmental Studies. Many working professionals take our courses for professional development and to secure additional credentials confirming their expertise.

The Restoration of Natural Systems Program has distinguished itself with its interdisciplinary approach and strong commitment to a comprehensive treatment of ecological restoration that includes social and economic issues as well as the environment. Its comprehensive holistic approach offers a unique perspective of the environment and encourages dynamic solutions to restoring ecosystems.

The RNS Program is offered jointly by the School of Environmental Studies and the Division of Continuing Studies. This partnership enhances the learning experience for students.  All courses are taught either in a 5-day intensive format on campus or by distance over the regular semester. We offer a continuous intake so the program can be started at any time.