Gerald Singh

Gerald Singh
Assistant Professor & Ocean Nexus Chair of Global Change and Sustainable Development
Environmental Studies
Office: DTB B224

PhD (Resource Management and Environmental Sciences) 2019, University of British Columbia

Area of expertise

Sustainable development, global change, coastal management, environmental impact assessment, risk, quantitative methods.

Dr. Gerald Singh is an Assistant Professor and Ocean Nexus Chair of Global Change and Sustainable Development in the School of Environmental Studies. Singh is also the Deputy Science Director with the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at the University of Washington EarthLab.

His research is primarily situated in the science-policy interface, and focused on understanding the dynamics between social, economic, and environmental dimensions in sustainable development. This focus takes form in the following ways:

1) assessing cumulative anthropogenic impacts on the environment and understanding the consequences to people;
2) determine priority policy actions and plans to achieve specific sustainable development objectives (particularly the Sustainable Development Goals);
3) understand risk and uncertainty in sustainability policy and management.

Doing work in any one of these areas means navigating data gaps, and Singh uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches, as well as structured expert elicitation, in his research.