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Nature's Archive Podcast - Unveiling Ecological Mysteries With Dr. Loren McClenachan

September 01, 2023

Ever wondered how scientists unravel the ecological mysteries of bygone eras, long before systematic record-keeping? Believe it or not, one part of the answer is in pirate journals.

Listen to Dr. Loren McClenachan's discussion with Michael Hawk on the intriguing concept of shifting baseline syndrome.

Shifting Baseline Syndrome arises when your first interaction with an environment establishes your baseline—a perceived “natural” or “normal” state. Yet, this baseline could markedly differ from your grandparents’. And here’s where the surprise sets in: the implications span conservation and society alike. Dr. McClenachan helps explain these implications through a variety of eye-opening examples. And yes, you’ll even discover how pirates play a part in this narrative.

Listen to the full episode discussion here at Nature's Archive.