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Dr Eric Higgs recognized by the Royal Society of Canada

September 21, 2023

Eric Higgs - Environmental Studies

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is celebrating 10 University of Victoria researchers—the most ever at one time—with the country’s highest academic honour. The society’s peer-elected Fellows are distinguished Canadians from all branches of learning who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, the humanities and the sciences, as well as in Canadian public life. 

Dr. Eric Higgs' visionary research on ecological restoration has been transformational for both scientists and practitioners and he has brought international public and policy focus to restoring damaged ecosystems. Dr. Higgs is a global leader who has long championed interdisciplinary science in the study of complex environmental challenges. His long-term, mountain-based restoration field research has built a unique Canadian research platform – the largest systematic collection of historic and repeat mountain photographs in the world.

"I was fortunate to have mentors who showed me the potential for restoring damaged ecosystems. I was inspired by its power in supporting biodiversity, providing nature-based solutions for climate change and bringing human communities together. This combination is what underlies the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)." ~ Dr. Eric Higgs

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