Anthropology courses are offered over three terms per year.

For past syllabi please email with the course number and the term you took the course in (e.g. ANTH 100 from Fall 2020).

Undergraduate advising


Available Mon from 10:00-11:30am by appointment for online advising.

To schedule an online appointment:

  • choosing classes
  • registration help
  • transfer credits
  • pre-requisite overrides
  • advice on  directed studies and your major or minor
  • oversees the operation of and changes to the undergraduate program

Honours adviser: Dr. April Nowell

  • information about the honours program
  • already enrolled in the honours program and have a question

Coop adviser: Anaïs Holdaway or Linda Marlee

Get more information about Anthropology Co-op. Drop by to see Anaïs Holdaway, your Anthropology co-op coordinator in COR B138 (250-721-7358) or Linda Marlee at (250-721-8689).

The UVic calendar has general descriptions and prerequisites for Anthropology courses.

Anthropology's course lists have pdfs with the instructor's specific description of their course.

Anthropology Handbook: Describes the programs and opportunities for undergraduates interested in Anthropology.

Please note: The University reserves the right to limit enrolment and to limit the registration in, or to cancel or revise, any of the courses listed. The university reserves the right to cancel courses if enrollment is not sufficient. Preliminary lists of instructors and courses are subject to change. The curricula may also be changed, as deemed advisable by the Senate of the University. General information about the calendar includes: academic sessions, calendar changes, course values and hours, course experience survey, limit of the University's responsibility, program planning, privacy and access to information, notification of disclosure of personal information to statistics Canada, schedule of classes and the University's right to limit enrollment.

International student services (ISS) exchange program

Students on exchange will work with their adviser to clarify exchange credit. For Letters of Permission, not all courses and programs are eligible for credit, so it is important to confirm before you start studying. A Letter of Permission will confirm whether a course is eligible and what transfer credit you will receive.

Students participating in the exchange program study at one of UVic’s partner institutions. Participants will:

• Be supported by an exchange adviser - prior to departure, while abroad, and on return to UVic
• Gain international experience, while paying UVic tuition fees
• Receive exchange credit, which can be applied to the UVic residency requirement

Students interested in the exchange program can review the information online or meet with an exchange adviser in International Student Services.

Letters of permission and transfer credit

If you're planning to take a course at another post-secondary institution (including field schools and language courses), contact your academic adviser to request a letter of permission. Letters of permission are typically required in order to take courses at another institution as a visiting student, and will state the credit you'll receive from UVic on successful completion of the course. Transcripts for all courses taken at another institution (whether passed or failed), must be sent in to UVic.

Caution: students using transfer credit towards a UVic degree will need to consider degree requirements. It is students’ responsibility to ensure all degree requirements are met. A LoP will clarify how credit will transfer to UVic (no credit, level credit, course credit), not how it will apply to your degree. Please note: At this time, students are advised to submit request forms by email to for faster processing. Instructions on submitting the request fee will be provided in the confirmation email.

Requests must be submitted before you begin courses and at least eight weeks in advance for international institutions.

Students can visit the Academic Advising Centre if they have questions regarding eligibility criteria, payment, or submission options for a Request for Letter of Permission form.

You'll find information on our programs and opportunities in the Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology Handbook

Your Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology Handbook introduces many of the possibilities in the department.