Course pre-requisite waivers

Course pre-requisites are designed to ensure that all students registered in a course have the appropriate preparation to succeed. As a consequence, pre-requistes are rarely waived. If you believe that you have taken a course, or combination of courses, which provides you with a background that matches that provided by the listed pre-requisites, you may request a pre-requisite waiver.

To do so, please complete the relevant sections of the fillable PDF form below, and send it by email to  (cc'd to ). Use "Pre-requisite waiver request" as the email subject line, and please include a written summary of your request. 

Tri-faculty Request for Pre-requisite Waiver Form

NB: Please do not print the form, or submit a paper copy. Your request will be considered by the undergraduate advising team and the course instructor, and you should receive a response by email shortly.