Admission requirements

Admission Process

Prospective graduate students must apply directly with the Graduate Admissions and Records Office.  GARO reviews your documents and ensures your application meets the minimum standards.  These completed applications are then forwarded to our office in the Mathematics and Statistics department.  Each student's application is reviewed by the graduate committee to look at their GPA, subject depth, research potential, and letters of recommendation in competition with other applications and to determine if there is an available faculty supervisor.


Students admitted to a master's program will normally have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in Mathematics or Statistics with a grade point average (GPA) of at least 5.0 (B) in the work of the last two years. (In reality, the average GPA of students accepted over the past two years is closer to 7.5 than to 5.0.)

Most of the successful applicants have completed coursework equivalent to an Honours or Major degree at the University of Victoria, but candidates who have completed a combined program or a minor may also be accepted based on their overall application package.


Admission into the PhD program will normally require a master's degree in Mathematics or Statistics and excellent research potential, documented by the quality of the master's thesis or letters of recommendation. Students showing outstanding promise may be permitted to enroll directly in the PhD program with only a bachelor's degree.

All PhD students are admitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies as provisional candidates until they have passed their candidacy examinations, at which time they are automatically classified as candidates for Doctor of Philosophy.

Language Proficiency

Applicants must meet the English language proficiency requirements set out by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  Students who must send test score results should request that the testing agency sends them directly to the Graduate Admission and Records Office.