UVic GS 505 student research helps make the lives of BC children better

GS 505 is not your typical course where student research projects end their journey on a professor’s desk. The BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) staff propose priority research topics from their service areas, and UVic School of Child and Youth Care professor Sibylle Artz and course coordinator PhD student and GS 505 alumna Thais Amorim match students with research projects that will strengthen their skills.

Research partnership explores intimate partner violence-related traumatic brain injury

The emerging literature on traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting from intimate partnership violence (IPV) led program staff at The Cridge Centre for the Family to question whether some of their clients might be survivors of IPV-related TBI. The Cridge Centre connected with UVic for a research partnership exploring the lived experience of survivors of IPV-related TBI.

Empowering Indigenous artists

The ACE for Artists program tailors the award-winning ACE entrepreneurship training program to Indigenous artists, helping them connect their passion to a business plan by developing the tools they need to become financially successful.