Indigenous youth

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Many of CFYS' projects produce materials that are invaluable to youth and communities.

Reports and summaries by research fellows:

Stronger Together

Stronger Together: Helping each other to strengthen and sustain Indigenous youth identity and cultural knowledge was a three-year research project that explored how Indigenous youth in Canada understand and enact identity through family, community, education, and learning experiences. 

Research summaries below focus on the four projects that were part of the Stronger Together partnership. More information is available on our Current research > Indigenous youth page. 

EAGLE Employment Training Project

Language and Culture Camps

Canoe Journey

Engaging Urban Youth

Rapid reviews by graduate students:

Indigenous social enterprise

Read about characteristics of indigenous and youth social enterprise to inform employment and transition opportunities for Indigenous youth and young adults.

Indigenous young mothers and leadership

Agency leadership structures need to include the population using those services, as leadership affects the structure of services and should reflect the cultural traditions of those they support.

Decolonization in an educational context

Decolonization fits into the broader goals of reconciliation as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Schools are vital sites for decolonization and student empowerment.

Supporting cultural skills for youth leaving care

Aboriginal youth aging out of foster care benefit from having both mainstream life skills and a skill set that is specific to their own culture.