Inclusion & engagement

Participatory art collage piece
Encouraging participation through art is an effective way of facilitating a workshop.
Reports and summaries:

Youth Engagement in Philanthropy

This project examines several youth philanthropy initiatives to better understand the contemporary context of youth engagement in philanthropy and to consider the ways in which sustainable youth engagement is essential for building compassionate communities and dynamic societies. The research considers innovative strategies to engage marginalized youth in philanthropy and how philanthropic organizations can work to better engage marginalized youth.

Beginning Teacher's Study

This multi-year SSHRC Insight grant investigates the development of inclusive practice for pre-service and beginning teachers across Canada. CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Donna McGhie-Richmond is a Co-Investigator on the study. Dr. Jacqueline Specht (Western University) is the Principal Investigator.

Learning Community-Engaged Research

Community-engaged research, a focus of CFYS and UVic, involves collaborating with community partners on project design, data collection, analysis or knowledge mobilization.

Siblings of Youth with Disabilities

The siblings of youth with disabilities are often overlooked in the literature, but their perspective is important. This research brief summarizes research by CFYS Director Dr. Anne Marshall, CFYS Research Fellow Susan Tasker, and CFYS Student Affiliates James Cairns and Stephanie Poje.

Writing interventions for youth with learning disabilities

Read about writing interventions for students with learning disabilitieswriting interventions for children with learning disabilities and writing interventions for adolescents with learning disabilities, based on the work of CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Gina Harrison and CFYS Student Affiliate Breanna Lawrence, along with McManus, K., and Goegan, L. D.

Investigating Inclusive Education in Pembina Hills, Alberta

The following research briefs summarize two SSHRC funded projects investigating inclusive education in Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7 in Alberta. CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Donna McGhie-Richmond collaborated on the research with Irvine, A., Loreman, T., Lupart, J., McGarva, R., and Craig, S.

Rapid reviews by graduate students:

Improving Employee Readiness Through Recreation

Youth with disabilities face higher risk for unemployment when compared to their typically developing peers. Participation in recreation can assist in improving employment readiness and contribute to decreasing this discrepancy.