Student opportunities

CFYS research assistants working together at the Centre
Becoming affiliated with CFYS opens doors to research assistantships, community partnerships, scholarships, and participation in events.

Relevant experience to support your degree

Being connected to CFYS provided an excellent opportunity to get involved in the university and I am passionate about youth issues – and getting to meet other students who feel similarly. Being involved with CFYS helped me to connect more deeply with the university –I learnt more about what the University has to offer and how they like to incorporate the community into their research." (Trina, BA Psychology )

The Centre for Youth & Society offers many student opportunities to enrich your educational experience, including Research Assistant positions, student awards and funding, and learning events

Graduate students can also join us as student affiliates.

Interdisciplinary strength

The Centre for Youth & Society welcomes involvement from graduate and undergraduate students in diverse departments who can contribute to our interdisciplinary research. Our student affiliates and research assistants include students from psychology, geography, educational psychology and leadership studies, nursing, child and youth care, social work, marketing, education, linguistics, and exercise and physical health sciences. 

Contact us at  or 250-472-5414 with any questions about getting involved.