Learning events

Student Affiliate Erica facilitates a discussion about "world cafe" at CFYS event Evaluation Bootcamp.
CFYS hosts several learning events each year to share experiences and expertise on youth-based research.

CFYS is pleased to offer learning events on good practices in youth related research, and on topics pertaining to youth and family well-being.

Graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to attend these events. 

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Recent learning events:


Flourishing Children and Youth Forum

The CFYS and the ROM-Community Health Network co-hosted the Flourishing Children & Youth Forum in December 2019. The free, one-day community research forum brought leaders from local community organizations, health authorities, school districts, non-profit organizations, and municipal and provincial government together to discuss the health and well-being of children and youth. Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater, Fellow Researcher at the Centre for Youth and Society, and Psychology Professor at the University of Victoria, made a special keynote address. The forum allowed leaders to work together to test regional indicators, identify data groups and explore how data can influence policy and practice.

Healthy and Safe Environment Workshop

The CFYS co-hosted a Healthy and Safe Environment workshop with Island Health and the CRD in September 2019. The workshop brought members from our community and Vancouver Island together to discuss working together to build healthy communities within the CRD. Topics of discussion included housing, transportation, climate change, health and safety, urban design, and community health networks.

Families in Canada Conference

The CFYS co-hosted the Families in Canada conference with the Vanier Institute of the Family in June 2019. The conference brought together a diverse group of leaders who study, serve and support families, along with those with lived experience, for a day of research, knowledge-sharing, and engaging conversation.

Indigenous Research and Reconciliation

CFYS hosted a seminar with Dr. Suzanne Stewart from the University of Toronto discussing ethical research with indigenous communities, the ongoing impacts of colonialism, and the resilience of indigenous people (June 2016).

Educating Youth for Purpose Around the World

CFYS hosted a seminar with Dr. Jenny Mariano from South Florida University on findings from an international consortium on youth purpose and positive development (June 2016).

Evaluation in Youth and Family Contexts

A Research and Action Roundtable was well attended and included case studies of evaluations currently underway including Indigenous and International examples. The session was co-led by Anne Marshall and visiting scholar Natasha Blanchet-Cohen from Concordia University (April 2016).

Narrative Methodology Workshop

AGES & CFYS co-hosted this workshop, led by Centre Director Dr. Anne Marshall. Discussion focused on the use of narrative methodology in research in the social sciences, humanities, and education (March 2016).

Ideafest: Youth and Family Community Research Exchange

This open-house style event showcased the benefits from leveraging student research capacity at UVic to support non-profit programming in our community. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from student researchers about what they found in areas such as e-counselling, grief and loss support groups, indigenous young mothers and leadership, and transitional housing for youth (March 2016).

Conference Prep: Creating and presenting a research poster workshop

AGES & CFYS co-hosted this workshop, which focused on tips for both creating an effective research poster and leading an engaging research presentation (February 2016)

International Day of the Girl

In honour of the International Day of the Girl CFYS supported a free lecture with Cebile Manzini-Henwood, the Executive Director of the Swaziland Action Group Against Abuse (SWAGAA). Cebile also represented civil society organizations on the UN Expanded Theme Group on Gender. African music was provided by “Mbira Spirit” (October 2015).

Breaking the Silence: young men’s experience of suicide bereavement

CFYS hosted a brown-bag seminar led by a visiting doctoral student from New Zealand, Chris Bowden. Chris shared findings from a phenomenological study which explored young men’s experiences of suicide bereavement and insights from clinical and postvention experience working with suicide ‘survivors’ and young people (October 2015).

TeenBook App

Kate Ritchie, a former CFYS graduate student affiliate now with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Victoria, presented their new youth-centred app, TeenBook. Kate shared the process of creating this new app, as well as its use for helping local youth connect to services (September 2015).