Myer Horowitz Award

CFYS Research Fellow and generous donor Myer Horowitz goes to hug graduate student Jennifer Coverdale.
CFYS Research Fellow and generous donor Myer Horowitz with graduate student Jennifer Coverdale.

Dr. Myer Horowitz is a founding member of the Centre for Youth & Society and Past Chair of the Advisory Board. The Myer Horowitz Endowment Fund reflects his commitment to enriching graduate student training and creating opportunities for learning outside of the university setting and across disciplines. Each year, the Centre awards up to $500 to graduate students affiliated with the Centre. The award can be used for students to present their research at a conference or as support for community-engaged research.

The Myer Horowitz Award has supported the following students’ research and presentations:

Institutional Responses to Campus Sexual Violence: Exploring Impact on Survivors

Nell Perry; MSc Candidate, Sociology (2023)

Cultivating Inclusive Communities: Embracing Reciprocity in Refugee Support

Emilie Longtin; PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology (2023)

A Feasibility Study Evaluating an Online Physical Activity Intervention for Young Adults with Low Mood and/or Depression Engaged in Community Primary Clinical Care

Aleah Ross; MSc Candidate, Clinical Psychology (2023)

Children’s Creativity in the Margins: Reading a Century of Marginalia in Schoolbooks 

Pia Russell; PhD Candidate, History (2023)

Self-Criticism as a Real-Time Predictor of NSSI Urges and Behaviors Among Treatment Seeking Individuals

Christina Robillard; PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology (2023)

Mentoring Relationships during and after COVID-19: A Focus on Mentors

Heba Elgharbawy; MSc Candidate, Clinical Psychology (2023)

The Impact of Nature Immersion on Valuing Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Goals: The Role of the Organismic Valuing Process

Sabrina Francescangeli; MSc Candidate, Psychology (2023)

Measuring the Complexity of Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Challenges for Adolescents in Canada

Meng Qi (Annie) Wu; PhD Candidate, Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies (2023)

Engaging Youth in Arctic Coastal Communities on Global Changes using Participatory Video

Maeva Gauthier; PhD Candidate, Geography (2022)

Home Economics Education, Ecoliteracy, and Collaborative Inquiry: Cultivating a Systems Approach to Germinate Learning

Patrick Gale; MA Candidate, Curriculum Studies and Leadership (2019)

Defeat and Entrapment Mediates the Association between Self-Critical Perfectionism and Depressive Symptoms in First-Year Undergraduate Students

Christina Robillard; MSc Candidate, Clinical Psychology (2019)

Counsellor Classroom Collaboration: Supporting Curriculum-Based Social and Emotional Learning

Meaghan Storey; PhD Candidate, Curriculum and Instruction (2019)

Adolescent Healthy Weights Study Focus Group

Tiffany Patterson; MSc Candidate, Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (2018)

Nature-Based Physical Activity and Its Benefits to Adolescent Girls’ Self-Determined Motivation

Jennifer Gruno; PhD Candidate, Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (2018)

Sensitivity to Reward and Punishment Predicts Prospective Risky Behaviours in Young Adults

Nicole Legg; MS Clinical Psychology (2018)

The Contribution of Cognitive Flexibility to Reading in Third Grade Children Learning French as a Second Language

Larissa Alabe Padua; MEd Special Education (2018)

Is the National Curriculum Reform in Mexico Ready to Deliver Equity and Inclusion through Music Education?

Hector Vazquez Cordoba; PhD Candidate Curriculum and Instruction (2018)

British Columbia’s New Curriculum, Canadian Policies, and the Continued Decolonization of Music Education

Beth Tuinstra; Master’s in Music Education (2018)

Youth as Knowledge Keepers: A Qualitative Study of Community-Engaged Research with Digital Youth

Jessica Cumming; MA in Counselling Psychology (2016)

Possible Pathways: Indigenous Career and Identity Development

LeeAnna Deringer; MA Indigenous Communities Counselling Psychology (2016)

Using Population Based Administrative Data to Study Families with Children who have a Developmental Disability

Sandra Marquis; PhD Candidate in Social Dimensions of Health (2016)

Rooted in Connection: Strengthening Cultural Identity through Storytelling: Honouring our Women Using Indigenous Feminism as a Conceptual Framework

Leah Lychowyd; MA Indigenous Communities Counselling Psychology (2016)

An Analysis of Mind-Mindedness and Parenting Stress in Families With and Without a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Abigail Graves; Psychology, PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology (2015)

Grief and Loss Support Groups for Youth

Diane Teixeira; EPLS, MA in Counselling Psychology (2015)

Perceptions of Physical Competence and Motor Proficiency in Middle Childhood

Jeffrey Crane; Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education, PhD Candidate (2014)

Native Youth Share Their Stories of Walking in Multiple Worlds Through Life’s Transitions: Lessons for Advisors and Counselors

Jennifer Coverdale; Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, PhD Candidate (2013)

Walking in Multiple Worlds: Educational and Work Transitions for Cultural Minority and Indigenous Emerging Adults

Kate Butler; Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, MA Candidate (2013)

Trajectories of Marijuana Use from Adolescence to Early Adulthood and Engagement with Post-Secondary Education

Jacqueline Homel; Psychology, Postdoctoral Fellow (2012)

Reflecting on Self and Practice

Payden Spowart; Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, MA Candidate (2012)