Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund

A person walking down the road.
Through the Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund, students can contribute positively to a safer traffic environment.

Dr. Roy Watson (1926-1991) was one of those rare academics who became deeply immersed in community affairs. The Founding Chair of the University of Victoria’s combined department of Anthropology and Sociology, Roy was a tireless advocate for the creation of UVic’s School of Social Work. He was active in community affairs and for many years, served as a Director of both the Greater Victoria Community Social Planning Council and the Canadian Mental Health Association. Dr. Roy Watson epitomized the values of both the profession of social work and the discipline of Sociology – he cared about people and their private troubles, and he inquired into the public issues that affected them.

All UVic students can apply to the Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund for funding to either write an evidence review (8-12 page literature review) or to create a short video (2-5 minutes) on some theme of traffic safety.

Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund papers are presented to local non-profit organizations or to the Capital Regional District Traffic Safety Commission, whose goal is to prevent injuries, save lives and contribute positively to a safer traffic environment.

Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund Announcement

The Roy Watson Traffic Safety Fund has supported the following research:

Predictors of Alcohol-Impaired Driving in University First-Years

Christina Robillard (PSYCH). Between- and Within-Person Predictors of Alcohol-Impaired Driving in First-Year University Students: The Roles of Impulsivity, Binge Drinking, and Emotional Distress. (2021)

Predictors of Alcohol-Impaired Driving with First-Year University Students Brief.

Youth Cycling Behaviour

Myles Maillet (PSYCH). Impaired, Distracted, and Negligent Youth Cycling Behaviour: An Evidence-Based Review. (2018)

Safe Transport for Youth Who Use Wheelchairs

Karolina Karas (PSYCH). Equal Access: Safe Transportation for Youth Who Use Wheelchairs. (2017)

Safe Transport for Youth Who Use Wheelchairs Brief.

Youth and Cycling Safety

Emily Comeau (LING). Youth and Cycling Safety: Existing Research and Strategies for Improvement. (2017)

Youth and Cycling Safety Brief.

Active Transportation Girls

Graduate students in Exercise Science and Physical Health, Teresa Hartrick and Claire Sauvage-Mar have been awarded research assistant funds to support the Way2Go: Girls safe routes to school project. (2017)

Traffic Calming

Claire Sauvage-Mar (EPHE). Right Design for Right Response: Using the built environment to calm traffic. (2016)

Traffic Calming Brief

Distracted Driving

Kate Borsato Butler (EPLS). Distracted Driving: Improving young drivers’ road safety.

Distracted Driving Brief

Walking School Bus

Hyunae (Hannah) Kim; Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, MA Leadership Studies (2016)

Walking School Bus Brief

Marijuana and Driving

Emerald Pringle; Psychology (BA) (2016)

Traffic Safety – Healthy Youth Survey

Paweena Sukhawathanakul was awarded research assistant funds through the Roy Watson fund to explore traffic safety data within the longitudinal study Healthy Youth Survey. (2015)

Too Fast

Diandra Gower Education; BA Candidate (2013)