Mental & physical health

Youth dancing in colourful shoes decorated by herself
CFYS showcases accessible research briefs, summaries and reports for youth and family serving organizations and decision makers.
Reports and summaries by research fellows:

Healthy Youth Survey

The Victoria Healthy Youth Survey is a longitudinal study investigating youth health choices and decisions in contemporary Canadian society. While a great deal of research has examined health risk and protective factors during adolescence, little has looked at the consequences of the transition to adulthood. It is an interdisciplinary project with researchers from such diverse fields as Psychology, Sociology, Nursing, and Child and Youth Care, who work closely with a number of community- and government-based partners.

View the infographic and health infographic and project summary. 

CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater and team.

Keeping teenage girls active

Explore ways to engage teenage girls in physical activity with this research brief.

CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Sandra Gibbons (Exercise and Physical Health Science).

Working with children and youth at-risk for suicide

Research report: Practice guidelines for working with children and youth at-risk for suicide in community mental health settings.

CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Jennifer White (Child and Youth Care)

Preventing youth suicide: A guide for practitioners

Best-practice guide: preventing youth suicide.

CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Jennifer White (Child and Youth Care)

Violence as a determinant of girls and women’s health

Research summary: Violence against women and girls continues to profoundly affect mental and physical health outcomes.

CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Cecilia Benoit (Sociology).

Rapid reviews by graduate students:

Grief and loss support groups for youth

Support groups are often a first line of treatment for youth seeking grief-related support services. Community Research Exchange. 

Group interventions for Dads following divorce

 Few interventions have been designed to support men coping with divorce. Yet, men mourn a lost relationship differently than women and are at similar risks for diminished mental health after a divorce. Community Research Exchange. 

Support groups for Dads of children with disabilities

1 in 6 children is born with a developmental disability. Most support services focus on either the child with the disability or the child’s mother, even though the father’s role in childrearing is constantly increasing. Community Research Exchange. 

Teen Anxiety: Interventions and programs

Adolescent girls with anxiety are particularly at risk for developing later problems (e.g. more severe anxiety symptoms in adulthood and chronic depression). Early intervention can reduce the likelihood of later problems and improve current functioning across multiple domains. Community Research Exchange.