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ResourceAuthor(s)Research areaYear
Eat, play, live a randomized controlled trial within a natural experiment examining the role of nutrition policy and capacity building in improving food environments in recreation and sport...Olstad, D. L., Raine K. D., Prowse, R. J. L., Tomlin, D., Kirk, S. F., McIsaac, J.-L. D., Masse, L. C., Caswell, M. S., Hanning, R. M., Milford, T., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2020
Baseline Results from the Eat, Play, Live Trial: A Randomized controlled trial within a natural experiment examining the role of nutrition policy and capacity building in improving food environments in recreation...Olstad, D. L., Prowse, R. J. L., Raine, K. D., Tomlin, D., Kirk, S. F., McIsaac, J.-L. D., Masse, L. C., Caswell, M. S., Hanning, R. H., Milford, T., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2020
How satisfied are siblings of homicide victims with police?Tasker, S.L.engagement2020
Weaving place-based education and Coast Salish Knowledge: stories from Salt Spring IslandStreekasky, J.indigenous youtheducation2020
Creating identity texts with young children across culturally and linguistically diverse contextsStreekasky, J.youth & international contexts2020
Integrating Perceptions of the School Neighbourhood Environment with Constructs from the Theory of Planned Behaviour When Predicting Transport-related Cycling among Chinese College StudentsZhang, R., Zhang, C.-Q., Wan, K., Hou, Y.-S., Rhodes, R.E.physical healthyouth & international contexts2020
Implicit and explicit evaluations of a mass media physical activity campaign: Does everything get better? Berry, T.R., Yun, L., Faulkner, G., Rhodes, R.physical health2020
What happens when the party is over?: Sustaining Physical Activity Behaviors after Intervention CessationMcewan, D., Rhodes, R., Beauchamp, M.physical health2020
Family-based habit intervention to promote parent support for child physical activity in Canada: protocol for a randomised trialMedd, E.R., Beauchamp, M.R., Blanchard, C.M., Carson, V., Gardner, B., Warburton, D.E.R., Rhodes, R.E.physical health2020
Consistency tendency and the theory of planned behavior: a randomized controlled crossover trial in a physical activity contextChan, D., Stenling, A., Yusainy, C., Hikmiah, Z., Ivarsson, A., Hagger, M.S., Rhodes, R.E., Beauchamp, M.R.physical health2020
Canadian children's and youth's adherence to the 24-h movement guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic: a decision tree analysisGuerrero, M.D., Vanderloo, L., Rhodes, R., Faulkner, G., Moore, S.A., Tremblay, M.S.physical health2020
Correlates of Parental Support of Child and Youth Physical Activity: a systematic reviewRhodes, R., Perdrew, M., Malli, S.physical health2020
Impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on movement and play behaviors of Canadian children and youth: A national surveyMoore, S.A., Faulkner, G., Rhodes, R., Brussoni, M., Chulak-Bozzer, T., Ferguson, L.J., Mitra, R., O'Reilly, N., Spence, J.C., Vanderloo, L.M., Tremblay, M.S.physical health2020
Applying a healthy equity tool to assess a public health nursing guideline for practice in sexually transmitted infection assessment in British ColumbiaPrescott, C., Shahram, S.Z., Ogilvie, G., Hassam, N., Swalwell Franks, A., Pauly, B.physical health2020
Breaking the cycle of survival drinnking: insights from a non-residential, peer-initiated and peer-run managed alcohol programPauly, B., King, V., Smith, A., Tranquili-Doherty, S., Wishart, M., Vallance, K., Stockwell, T., Sutherland, C.mental health2020
"Accidental Intimacies" : Reconsidering Bodily Encounters Between Police and Young People who use drugsSelfridge, M., Mitchell, L., Greer, A., Macdonald, S., Pauly, B.mental health2020
nameSelfridge, M., Greer, A., Card, K.G., Macdonald, S., Pauly, B.2020
What is needed for implementing drug checking services in the context of the overdose crisis? A qualitative study to explore perspective of potential service usersWallace, B., van Roode, T., Pagan, F., Phillips, P., Wagner, H., Calder, S., Aasen, J., Pauly, B., Hore, D.physical health2020
Body fat acrrual trajectories for a sample of Asian-Canadian and Caucasian-Canadian children and youth: A longitudinal DXA-based studyMcConnell-Nzunga, J., Naylor, P.-J., Macdonald, H. M., Rhodes, R. E., Hofer, S. M., McKay, H. A. physical health2020
Examining the Efficacy of a 'Feasible' Nudge Intervention to Increase the Purchase of Vegetables by First Year Students (17-19 years of age) in British Columbia: A pilot studyMistura, M., Fetterly, N., Rhodes, R., Tomlin, D., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2020
Predicting personal physical activity of parents during participation in a family intervention targeting their childrenRhodes, R., Quinlan, A., Naylor, P.-J., Warburton, D., Blanchard, C. M.physical health2020
Adoption, implementation and sustainability of school-based physical activity and sedentary behavior interventions in real-world setting: a systematic reviewCassar, S., Salmo, J., Timperio, A., Naylor, P.-J., van Nassau, F., Contardo Ayala, A. M., Koorts, Hphysical health2020
Implementation and scale-up of physical activity and behavioral nutrition interventions: an evaluation roadmapMcKay, H., Naylor, P.-J., Lau, E. Y., Gray, S. M., Wolfenden, L., Milat, A., Bauman, A., Race, D., Nettlefold, L., Sims-Gould, J.physical health2020
Exploring the physical activity and screen-viewing-related knowledge, training, and self-efficacy of early childhood education candidatesBruijns, B. A., Adamo, K. B., Burke, S. M., Carson, V., Irwin, J. D., Naylor, P.-J., Timmons, B. W., Vanderloo, L. M., Tucker, P.education2020
A longitudinal examination of the accuracy of perceived physical competence in Middle ChildhoodField, S. C., Crane, J. R., Naylor, P.-J., Temple, V. A.physical health2020
Prevalence and Relationships among physical activity policy, environment, and practices in licensed child care centers from a manager and staff perspectiveMcConnell-Nzunga, J., Masse, C. L., Buckler, E. J., Carson, V., Faulkner, G. E., Lau, E. Y., McKay, H. A., Temple, V. A., Wolfenden, L., Naylor, P.-J. physical health2020
Child Care Setting and Its Association with Policies and Practices that Promote Physical Activty and Physical Literacy in the Early Years in British ColumbiaMcConnell-Nzunga, J., Weatherson, K. A., Masse, L., Carson, V., Faulkner, G., Lau, E., McKay, H., Temple, V., Wolfenden, L., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2020
A real world feasibility trial of the PLAY shop: an intervention to facilitate parent engagement in developing their child's physical literacyLane, C., Reno, K., Predy, M., Carson, V., Wright, C., Morton, K., Naylor, P.-J.familyphysical health2020
Impact of a Capacity-Building intervention on Food Marketing Features in Recreation FacilitiesProwse, R., Naylor, P.-J., Olstad, D. L., Storey, K., Carson, V., Masse, L. C., Kirk, S. F. L., Raine, K. D.physical health2020
Evaluation of an intervention to increase student motivation and enrollment in physical educationSulz, L., Gibbons, S., Naylor, PJ., Wharf-Higgins, J.physical health2020
A Pragmatic Feasibility Trial Examining the Effect of Job Embedded Professional Development on Teachers' Capacity to Provide Physical Literacy Enriched Physical Education in Elementary SchoolsWright, C., Buxcey, JS., Gibbons, S., Cairney, J., Barrette, M., Naylor, P.-J.education2020
What hinders and helps academics to conduct Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) research in the field of nutrition and physical activity? An international perspectiveKoorts, H., Naylor, P.-J., Laws, R. A., Love, P., Maple, J.-L., van Nassau, F.physical health2020
Parent Reports of Executive Function Associated with Functional Communication and Conversational Skills Among School Age Children with and without Autism Spectrum DisorderHutchison, S. M., Mueller, U., Iarocci, G.mental health2020
The Relationship between epistemic cognition and dialogic feedback in elementary and middle school science classroomsRinehart, R. W., Kuhn, M., Milford, T.education2020
Feasibility and potential benefits of an attention and executive function intervention on metacognition in a mixed pediatric sampleMacoun, S. J., Pyne, S., MacSween, J., Lewis, J., Sheehan, J.physical healthmental health2020
Evaluation of the Scale-Up and Implementation of Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it! (MEND) in British Columbia: A Hybrid Trial Type 3 EvaluationLiu, S., Weismiller, J., Strange, K., Forster-Coull, L., Bradbury, J., Warshawski, T., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2020
The role of idenity in parental support for physical activity and healthy eating among overweight and obese childrenLithopoulos, A., Liu, S., Rhodes, R., Narlor, P.-J.physical health2020
"I never thought I would live in an era where a #plant was the centre of such #controversy": Geographic Differences in Cannabis conversation on TwitterVan Draanen, J., Tao, H., Liu, S.physical healthmental health2020
Male-dominated occupations and substance use disorders in young adulthoodLeadbeater, B. J., Ames, M. E., Contreras, A.workmental health2020
Disruption of Transitions in High-Risk Substance Use from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: School, Employment, and Romantic Relationship FactorsMerrin, G. J., Ames, M.E., Sturgess, C., Leadbeater, B. J.mental health2020
The influence of emotional support from Parents, Peers, and Romantic Partners on Changes in Purpose in Life and Mastery in Young AdulthoodSukhawathanakul, P., Ames, M. E., Leadbeater, B. J.family2020
Patterns of marijuana use and physical health indicators among Canadian youthAmes, M. E., Leadbeater, B. J., Merrin, G. J., Thompson, K.physical health2020
Trajectories of peer victimization in elementary school children: Associations with changes in internalizing, externalizing, social competence, and school climateSukhawathanakul, P., Leadbeater, B.mental healtheducation2020
Representations of natural environments, recurring characters and ways of living with the land in children's retellings of First Nations oral narrativesAllen, J. W., Lalonde, C. E.indigenous youth2020
I dodged the stigma bullet': Canadian sex workers' situatied responses to occupational stigmaBenoit, C., Maurice, R., Abel, G., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Healey, P., Magnuson, D.work2020
Articulating outdoor risky play in early childhood education: voices of forest and nature school practitionersHarper, NJ., Obee, P.education2020
Adventure Therapy and Routine Outcome Monitoring of Treatment: The Time is NowCavanaugh, DL., Dobud, W., Harper, NJ.mental health2020
Children's use of environmental features affording risky play in early childhood education and careHarper, N. J., Obee, P., Sandseter, E. B. H.education2020
A case study exploring the 'real world' process of 'naturalizing' school playgroundsAlqallaf, H., Lim, C., Naylor, P.-J., Harper, N. J.education2020
Incorporating Nature-Based Physical Activity in Physical and Health EducationGibbons, S., Gruno, J.educationphysical health2020
Lessons Learned from Norway on Risky Play in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)Gerlach, A., Harper, N. J., Obee, P., Sandseter, E. B. H.educationyouth & international contexts2020
Play-Based Learning: Evidence-Based Research to Improve Children's Learning Experiences in the Kindergarten ClassroomTaylor, M. E., Boyer, W.education2020
Police discretion to charge young people who use drugs prior to cannabis legaization in British Columbia, Canada: a brief report of quantitative findingsGreer, A., Sorge, J., Selfridge, M., Benoit, C., Jansson, M., Macdonald, S. physical health2020
Commentary-Problematic substance use or problematic substance use policies?Stockwel, T., Benoit, C., Card, K., Sherk, A.physical health2020
Event-level outcomes of police interactions with young people in three non-metropolitan cities across British Columbia, CanadaCard, K. G., Selfridge, M., Greer, A. M., Hepburn, K. J., Fournier, A. B., Sorge, J., Urbanoski, K., Pauly, B., Lachowsky, N. J., Macdonald, S.engagement2020
The Relative Quality of Sex WorkBenoit, C., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Healey. P., Magnuson, D.work2020
Early Assessment of Integrated Knowledge Translation Efforts to Mobilize Sex Workers in Their CommunitiesBenoit, C., Unsworth, R.work2020
Creating suicide-safer communities in British Columbia: A focused ethnographyRanahan, P., White, J.mental health2019
Re-thinking ethics and politics in suicide prevention: Bringing narrative ideas into dialogue with critical suicide studiesWhite, J., Morris, J.mental health2019
Chronic medical conditions and suicidal behaviors in a nationally representative sample of American adolescentsDean-Boucher, A., Robillard, C. L., Turner, B. J.mental health2019
Does higher-than-usual stress predict nonsuicidal self-injury? Evidence from two prospective studies in adolescent and emerging adult femalesMiller, A. B., Eisenlohr-Moul, T., Glenn, C. R., Turner, B. J., Chapman, A. L., Nock, M. K., Prinstein, M. J.mental health2019
Experiencing and resisting strong urges for non-suicidal self-injury in everyday lifeTurner, B. J., Baglole, J. S., Gratz, K. L., Chapman, A. L.mental health2019
Valuing children's voices across diverse global contexts: A gallery exhibit of children's multimodal artStreekasky, J.youth & international contextsfamily2019
Toward a Better Assessment of perceived Social influence: the relative role of significant others on young athletesChan, D., Keegan, R. J., Lee, A. S., Yang, S. X., Zhang, L., Rhodes, R. E., Lonsdale, C. youth & international contexts2019
Population-level evaluations of ParticiACTION's 150 Play list: a mass-reach campaign with mass participatory eventsBerry, T. R., Yun, L., Faulkner, G., Latimer-Cheung, A. E., O'Rielly, N., Rhodes, R. E., Spence, J. C., Tremblay, M. S., Vanderloo, L. M.physical health2019
Parental Support of the Canadian 24-hour movement guidelines for children and youth: prevalence and correlatesRhodes, R., Spence, J. C., Berry, T. R., Faulkner, G., Latimer-Cheung, A. E., O'Rielly, N., Tremblay, M. S., Vanderloo, L.physical health2019
Lost in knowledge translation: Media framing of physical activity and sport participationDottori, M., Faulkner, G., Rhodes, R., O'Rielly, N., Vanderloo, L., Abeza, G.physical health2019
Consistent Morning Exercise may be beneficial for individuals with obesitySchumacher, L. M., Thomas, J. G., Raynor, H. A., Rhodes, R., Bond, D. S.physical health2019
Supporting Harm Reduction through Peer Support (SHARPS): testing the feasibility and acceptability of a peer-delivered, relational intervention for people with problemsParkes, T., Matheson, C., Carver, H., Budd, J., Liddell, D., Wallance, J., Pauly, B., Fotopoulou, M., Burley, A., Anderson, I., MacLennan, G., Foster, R.mental health2019
"There is a place": impacts of managed alcohol programs for people experiencing severe alcohol dependence and homelessnessPauly, B., Brown, M., Evans, J., Gray, E., Schiff, R., Ivsins, A., Krysowaty, B., Vallance, K., Stockwell, T.mental health2019
Managed alcohol programs in the context of Housing FirstSchiff, R., Pauly, B., Vallance, K., Ivsins, A. Brown, M., Gray, E., Krysowaty, B., Evans, J.mental health2019
Principles, practices, and policy vacuums: policy actor views on provincial/territorial harm reduction policy in CanadaHyshka, E., Anderson-Baron, J., Pugh, A.Belle-Isle, L., Hathaway, A., Pauly, B., Strike, C., Asbridge, M., Dell, C., McBride, K., Tupper, K., Wild, T. C.engagement2019
Healthy vending contracts: Do localized policy approaches improve the nutrition environment in publicly funded recreation and sport facilities?Lane, C., Naylor, P.-J., Tomlin, D., Kirk, S., Hanning, R., Massee, L., Olstad, D. L., Prowse, R., Caswell, S., Jarvis, S., Milford, T., Raine, K.physical health2019
Effects of Positive Parenting on Mental Health in Adolescents with Learning DisabilitiesLawrence, BC., Harrison, GL., Milford, T.mental health2019
Family-based, healthy living intervention for children with overweight and obesity and their families: a 'real world' trail using a randomised wait list control designLiu, S., Marques,I. G., Perdew, M. A., Strange, K., Hartrick, T., Weismiller, J., Ball, G. D. C., Mâsse, L. C., Rhodes, R., Naylor, P.-J.physical health2019
Keeping up with the times: how national public health and governmental organizations communicate about cannabis on TwitterVan Draanen, J., Krishna, T.,Tsang, C., Liu S.,physical health2019
Adolescent patterns of peer victimization: Concurrent and longitudinal health correlatesAmes, M. E., Leadbeater, B. J., Merrin, G. J., Sturgees, C. M. B.mental health2019
Marijuana trajectories and associations with driving risk behaviors in Canadian youthSukhawathanakul, P., Thompson, K., Brubacher, J., Leadbeater, B. J.mental health2019
Is there a positive side to sensation seeking? Trajectories of sensation seeking and impulsivity may have unique outcomes in young adulthoodYoneda, T., Ames, M. E., Leadbeater, B. J.mental health2019
What are constructive anxiety levels in wilderness therapy? An exploratory pilot sutdyFernee, CR., Garbielsen, LE., Harper, N.mental health2019
Client perspectives on wilderness therapy as a component of adolescent residential treatment for problematic substance use and mental health issuesHarper, NJ., Mott, A., Obee, Pmental health2019
A Case Study of the Rock Climbing Self-Efficacy of High School StudentsBoudreau, P., Gibbons, S.physical health2019
Using Food Models to Enhance Sugar Literacy among Older Adolescents: Evaluation of a Brief Experiential Nutrition Education InterventionGibbons, S., Naylor, PJ., Santalo, M.education2019
Connecting Teacher Leadership and Servant Leadership: A Synergistic PartnershipCrippen, CL., Willows, J.education2019
Trauma-Focused Family Therapy with Children and their FamiliesBoyer, W.family2019
Imitation and Social Communications in InfantsJanika, L., Boyer, W.family2019
Mental health literacy for refugee youth: A cultural approachMarshall, E. A., Begoray, D. L.mental healthyouth & international contexts2019
Foster Care as a Support System for Early LeaversMagnusson, D., Jansson, M., Benoit, C.family2019
Effectiveness of Anecdotes and Logically False Arguments to Refute Analysis on Systematically Collected DataBenoit, C., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Healey. P., Magnusson, D.education2019
Unlinking prostitution and sex trafficking: response to commentariesBenoit, C., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Healey, P., Magnuson, D.work2019
From risky places to safe spaces: Re-assembling spaces and places in Vancouver's Downtown EastsideIvsins, A., Benoit, C., Kobayashi, K., Boyd, S.work2019
Canadian sex workers weigh the costs and benefits of disclosing their occupational status to health providersBenoit, C., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Magnus, S., Maurice, R., Flagg, J., Reist, D.work2019
"People like us": spatialised notions of health, stigma, power and subjectivity among women in street sex workOrchard, T., Murie, A., Elash, HL., Bunch, M., Middleton, C., Sadakhom, D., Oiamo, T., Benoit, C.,work2019
"The prostitution problem": Claims, evidence, and policy outcomesBenoit, C., Smith, M., Jansson, M., Healey. P., Magnusson, D.work2019
Reproduction of Chinese transnationalism: Ambivalent identities in study abroadAnderson, T.education2019
News media representations of international and refugee postsecondary studentsAnderson, T.youth & international contexts2019
Writing a Manuscript Style Dissertation in TESOL/Applied LinguisticsAnderson, T., Okuda, T.education2019
Affective mental contrasting to enhance physical activity: A randomized controlled trialRuissen, G. R., Rhodes, R. E., Crocker, P. R. E., Beauchamp, M. R. mental health2018
Promoting parent and child physical activity together: Elicitation of potential intervention targets and preferencesRhodes, R. E., Lim, C. physical health2018
The utility of physical activity micro-grants: the ParticipACTION teen challenge programRamanathan, S., White, L., Luciani, A., Berry, T. R., Deshpande, S., Latimer-Cheung, A. E., O’Reilly, N., Rhodes, R. E., Spence, J. C., Faulkner, G. physical health2018
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Mediating mechanisms in a physical activity intervention: a test of habit formationKaushal, N., Rhodes, R.E., Meldrum, J. T., Spence, J. C.physical health2018
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Family exergaming: Correlates and preferencesRhodes, R. E., Nwachukwu, N., Quinlan, A.familyphysical health2018
Understanding Physical Activity Motivation and Behavior Through Self-Determination and Servant Leadership Theories in a Feasibility StudyGray, S. M., Higgins, J. W., Rhodes, R. E.physical health2018
Understanding physical activity through interactions between the built environment and social cognition: A systematic reviewRhodes, R. E., Saelens, B. E., Sauvage-Mar, C. physical health2018
Efficacy of online multi-player versus single-player exergames on adherence behaviors among children: A nonrandomized control trialKaos, M. D., Beauchamp, M. R., Bursick, S., Latimer-Cheung, A. E., Hernandez, H., Warburton, D. E. R., Yao, C., Ye, Z., Graham, T. C. N., Rhodes, R. E.literacy2018
Use of in-home stationary cycling equipment among parents in a family-based randomized trial interventionRhodes, R. E., Beauchamp, M. R., Blanchard, C. M., Bredin, S. S. D., Warburton, D. E. R., Maddison, R.physical health2018
Effects of home‐based exergaming on child social cognition and subsequent prediction of behaviorRhodes, R. E., Kaos, M. D., Beauchamp, M. R., Bursick, S. K., Latimer‐Cheung, A. E., Hernandez, H., Warburton, D. E.R., Ye, Z., Graham, T. C. N. mental health2018
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A daily diary approach to investigate the effect of ego depletion on intentions and next day behaviorRebar, A. L., Dimmock, J. A.., Rhodes, R. E., Jackson, B. mental health2018
The Prospective Association Between the Five Factor Personality Model With Health Behaviors and Health Behavior ClustersJoyner, C., Rhodes, R. E., Loprinzi, P. D.  physical healthmental health2018
Role of parental and environmental characteristics in toddlers’ physical activity and screen time: Bayesian analysis of structural equation modelsEun-Young Lee, Kylie D. Hesketh, Ryan E. Rhodes, Christina M. Rinaldi, John C. Spence & Valerie Carsonphysical health2018
Assessing the social climate of physical (in)activity in CanadaYun, L., Vanderloo, L., Berry, T. R., Latimer-Cheung, A. E., O’Reilly, N., Rhodes, R. E., Spence, J. C., Tremblay, M. S., Faulkner, G.physical health2018
The short-term effects of a mass reach physical activity campaign: an evaluation using hierarchy of effects model and intention profilesBerry, T. R., Rhodes, R. E., Ori, E. M., McFadden, K., Faulkner, G., Latimer-Cheung, A. E.,. O’Reilly, N., Spence, J. C., Tremblay, M. S., Vanderloo, L. M.physical health2018
Factors associated with public injection and nonfatal overdose among people who inject drugs in street-based settingsVallance, K., Pauly, B., Wallace, B., Chow, C., Perkin, K., Martin, G., Zhao, J., Stockwell, T.mental health2018
Sheltering risks: Implementation of harm reduction in homeless shelters during an overdose emergencyWallace, B., Barber, K., Pauly, B.physical health2018
Does managing the consumption of people with severe alcohol dependence reduce harm? A comparison of participants in six Canadian managed alcohol programs with locally recruited controlsStockwell, T., Pauly, B., Chow, C., Erickson, R. A., Krysowaty, B., Roemer, A., Vallance, K., Wettlaufer, A., Zhao, J.physical health2018
Counting the cold ones: A comparison of methods measuring total alcohol consumption of managed alcohol program participantsChow, C., Wettlaufer, A., Zhao, J., Stockwell, T., Pauly, B., Vallance, K. physical health2018
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Participant, peer and PEEP: considerations and strategies for involving people who have used illicit substances as assistants and advisors in researchGreer, A. M., Amlani, A., Pauly, B., Burmeister, C., Buxton, J. A. 2018
Identifying Neighborhoods at Potential Risk of Food Insecurity in Rural British ColumbiaBehjat, A., Ostry, A., Miewald, C., Pauly, B. physical health2018
Teaching HIV-specific content for pre-licensure nursing and health professions students: a review and synthesisPhillips, J. C., Caine, V., Dewart, G., de Padua, A. dela Cruz, A. M. Rickards, T., McGinn, M., Cator, S., Pauly, B., Gagnon, M.physical health2018
Different clinical presentations in eating disorder patients with non-suicidal self-injury based on the co-occurrence of borderline personality disorderClaes, L., Turner, B., Dierckx, E., Luyckx, K., Verschueren, M., Schoevaerts, K. mental health2018
Fatigue moderates the relationship between perceived stress and suicidal ideation: Evidence from two high-resolution studiesKleiman, E. M., Turner, B. J., Chapman, A. L., Nock, M. K. mental health2018
Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct DisorderTurner, B. J., Hu, C., Villa, J. P., Nock, M. K. mental health2018
Personality pathology and intentional self-harm: cross-cutting insights from categorical and dimensional modelsTurner, B.J., Jin, H. M., Anestis, M. D., Dixon-Gordon, K. L., Gratz, K. L.mental health2018
Digital phenotyping of suicidal thoughtsKleiman, E. M., Turner, B.J., Fedor, S., Beale, E. E., Picard, R. W., Huffman, J. C., Nock, M. K. mental health2018
Is the association of deliberate self-harm with emotional relief stable or dependent on emotional context?Gratz, K. L., Tull, M. T., Dixon-Gordon, K. L., Turner, B. J., Chapman, A. L. mental health2018
How Self-Employed Women with Children Manage Multiple Life Roles Illustration of how self-employed mothers manage multiple life rolesBreen, R. E. H., Tasker, S. L., Hiebert, B. family2018
Impact of adventure-based approaches on the self-conceptions of middle school physical education students.Gibbons, S.L., Ebbeck, V., Gruno, J., Battey, G. physical health2018
Girls in Action: Fostering relatedness in and beyond physical and health educationGruno, J., Gibbons, S.L., Condie, R., Wilton, D.  physical health2018
Young women's perceptions of parents' romantic relationships in the context of parental divorce:  A qualitative studyCollardeau, F. Ehrenberg, M.family2018
What influences physical activity provision in after-school childcare in the absence of policy guidance? A qualitative explorationMacFarlane, K., Higgins, J. W., Naylor, P-J.physical health2018
Classification of obesity varies between body mass index and direct measures of body fat in boys and girls of Asian and European ancestryMcConnell-Nzunga, J., Naylor, P-J., Macdonald, H., Rhodes, R. E., Hofer, S. M., McKay, H.physical health2018
The effect of a physical activity intervention on preschoolers’ fundamental motor skills—A cluster RCTWasenius, N. S., Grattan, K. P., Harvey, A. L. J., Naylor, P-J., Goldfield, G. S., Adamo, K. B. physical health2018
The physical activity and sedentary behaviour patterns of children in kindergarten and Grade 2Crane, J.R., Naylor, P.-J., Temple, V.A.physical health2018
Exploring Nutrition Labelling of Food and Beverages in Vending Machines in Canadian Recreational Sport SettingsProwse, R. J. L., Tomlin, D. L., Naylor, P., Raine, K. D.physical health2018
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