Digital stories

The group of Indigenous youth researchers who documented the resistance narratives digital stories
Stories from the project "Residential School Resistance Narratives" focus on resistance, healing, and resilience in First Nations communities.

Digital storytelling is an engaging and effective way to share personal narratives, research, and ideas with a broad audience. Several of the Centre for Youth & Society's projects make use of digital stories to foster engagement between participants and the wider public and to encourage digital literacy skills.

Residential school resistance narratives

These stories were documented as part of the research project Residential School Resistance Narratives: Significance and Strategies for Indigenous Youth.

Sakihew (She is Loved)

Amanda Poitras, Mikisew Cree

Qwam Qwam

Shayli Robinson, Lyackson/Leey'qsum First Nation

Healing Heroes

Lindsay Delaronde, Kahnawake, Mohawk Nation

Stories of our Grandmothers

Rita Merrick, Pasqua First Nation

Remembering the Children

Richard Spearman, Algonquin Nation

Cultural Revitalization of Sts'ailes Community School

Alexandra Kent

Resistance from Coast to Coast

Asma Antoine, Toquaht Band, Nuu-chah-nulth