Literacy & digital youth

Close-up of a youth texting on their phone
CFYS is involved in several projects that address literacy and digital literacy.

Literacy continues to be crucial to educational outcomes, and is intimately connected with our growing digital world.

Reports and summaries by research fellows:

Media and health for teachers

Today's youth are hugely engaged in media; learn more about media and health from this report by CFYS Research Fellow Dr. Deborah Begoray.
Rapid reviews by graduate students:

Online counselling for youth

93% of young adults 18-29 are active online. Identifying best practices for developing online programs to help youth is important as these programs increase the availability of mental health services for youth who might not otherwise be able to access help. Community Research Exchange. 

Nuancing the digital divide

Read about the ways in which street-involved youth use social media and technology with this infographic by CFYS Student Affiliate Marion Selfridge (PhD (c)).

Family literacy in culturally diverse communities

This research on good practices in promoting family literacy with culturally diverse communities was conducted as part of the CFYS Youth & Families Community Research Exchange by Robin Wilmot, PhD, former CFYS Student Affiliate.

Youth outreach in public libraries

 Youth Outreach services operating from the public library has the potential to engage at-risk youth and to provide support during after school hours.