New Working Paper published: Advancing Research on Stateless Children

The Migration and Mobility Program (MMP) of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives continues to attract attention internationally with a new publication in the Working Paper series that addresses the need for more innovative approaches to research on stateless children among migrant families.

In their paper Advancing Research on “Stateless” Children, Jessica Ball and co-authors call for innovative avenues to understanding the vulnerabilities of children who lack formal documentation in the Asia-Pacific region. Ball argues researchers need to understand migrant parents as active decision-makers around the citizenship status of their children, and the need for multi-vocal, multi-site research to reveal mothers’ and fathers’ strategic thinking around birth registration and the benefits of citizenship.  This important publication provides a compelling argument for new research methods for understanding stateless children in the Asia-Pacific.

The paper is being published as part of the MMP project Stateless children, parents and undocumented migration: An Indonesian Pilot Study and is available for download from the project page on the CAPI website.

Download Working Paper (PDF)

Contact: Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives