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AUP application process moving online on May 9th

Starting May 9th, new research Animal Use Protocol applications must be submitted via RAIS (Research Administration Information System).

Visit the RAIS users website for application information, Quick Guides, and an updated guidance helpsheet. 

RAIS is still undergoing development, but in the coming months, the full functionality of RAIS will include:  

  • RAIS AUP applications updated and revised to ensure that all applications meet CCAC regulatory requirements
  • The ability to create, complete and submit your AUP application (including field research and teaching AUPs)
  • Your departmental signatory can review and sign-off on your AUP application via RAIS
  • The ACC will review your application on RAIS and you will receive a Notice of Review (NOR)
  • Once approved, you and your research team will be able to access your AUP on RAIS
  • All training information for active team members is on RAIS -- you can confirm that your team members have the training they need to conduct procedures