Linguistics Department Awards

Please read the instructions carefully to confirm whether an application is required.

Scholarships marked with an asterisk (*) are funded by the University of Victoria Foundation.

Applications are required for in-course scholarships listed in this section. These scholarships are governed by the general regulations for scholarships, medals, and prizes.

  • Unless stated otherwise, the application must be made through completion of the in-course scholarship application on My Page.
  • The deadline, unless stated otherwise, is May 31.
  • Some of the following awards may require application through the Department of Linguistics; please review the eligibility criteria and application instructions below for further information.

Thomas M. Hess Scholarship in Indigenous Language Revitalization*

Value: Varies | Number: Varies

One or more scholarships are awarded to academically outstanding undergraduate Indigenous students in either the Faculty of Humanities or the Faculty of Education and who are enrolled in Indigenous Language courses or an Indigenous language program. Part-time students are eligible for this award. Approval of the recipient will be made by a committee formed by the Department of Linguistics and will include members from both faculties.

Underlings Scholarship

Value: $1,000 | Number: 1

A $1,000 scholarship is awarded to an academically outstanding undergraduate student in the Department of Linguistics. Preference will be given to a student who is pursuing a concentration in Indigenous Languages.

Applications from students are not required for scholarships listed in this section.

Unless otherwise indicated, recipients are approved by the Senate Committee on Awards upon the recommendation of the Department of Linguistics.

These scholarships are governed by the general regulations for scholarships, medals, and prizes.

Henry J. Warkentyne Scholarship in Applied Linguistics*

Value: Varies | Number: 1

A scholarship is awarded to a student entering the Diploma in Applied Linguistics program (emphasis on teaching English as a Second Language), who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in the final year of the Bachelor's degree. Preference is given to students with a multilingual background, and to students who have demonstrated excellence in language studies.