Map collection

An 1855 map of Greater Victoria.
An 1855 map of Greater Victoria.

The Maps collection contains over 68,000 paper maps on many themes/topics, including biology, culture, economic, geology, history, hydrography, military, streets, social, topography (including 3-D models), and transportation.

Geographical regions

  • Stars, solar system, Moon, World, North America - 3 per cent of collection
  • British Columbia, Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island - 21 per cent
  • Canada (other) - 29 per cent
  • USA (especially Pacific states) - 17 per cent
  • Central and South America - 7 per cent
  • Europe, Asia (especially Great Britain and Japan) - 15 per cent
  • Africa, Australia, NZ, Oceans - 12 per cent

Other collections


In addition to maps, we have a large collection of atlases. These include general world, historic, environmental and specialty atlases.

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