Map collection

An 1855 map of Greater Victoria.
An 1855 map of Greater Victoria.

The Maps and GIS collection contains over 68,000 paper maps on many themes/topics, including topography, relief (including 3-D models), geology, biology, hydrography, cultural, social, economic, planning, transportation, streets, military, nautical charts and history. Learn how to find maps in Maps and GIS.

The Maps and GIS subject guide and the Geography subject guide are designed to navigate material within Maps and GIS.

Geographical regions

  • Stars, solar system, Moon, World, North America - 3 per cent of collection
  • British Columbia, Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island - 21 per cent
  • Canada (other) - 29 per cent
  • USA (especially Pacific states) - 17 per cent
  • Central and South America - 7 per cent
  • Europe, Asia (especially Great Britain and Japan) - 15 per cent
  • Africa, Australia, NZ, Oceans - 12 per cent

Other collections


In addition to maps, we have a large collection of atlases. These include general world, historic, environmental and specialty atlases.

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