Photos from the Study Abroad Program at the Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador

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Photos by Mitch Spendelow

spendelow 1
Coffee break after excursion

spendelow 2
Photo op with a llama

spendelow 3
Excursion to Cajas National Park

spendelow 4
Guided hike in Cajas National Park

spendelow 5
Return to Cajas for some overnight camping

spendelow 6
Beach break on excursion to Montanita

spendelow 7
Tour of La Catedral in Cuenca

Photos by Michael Graeme

graeme 0

In the western Andes at Lake Quiolotoa

graeme 1

Hiking a trail

graeme 2

Sunrise from mountain top

graeme 3

Family birthday celebration

graeme 4

Amazing rainbow at Machay waterfall

graeme 5

The Cuenca University Gang.  What amazing teachers we had!

graeme 6

Teaching English to children every Friday

graeme 7

Adventures with the kids of Nuevo Susudel

Photos by Julia Onderwater

Onderwater 1

The view from our classroom

Onderwater 3

A typical street in Cuenca

Onderwater 4

A 360 degree rainbow in Baños

Onderwater 8

A river flowing through "El Cajas" - a must see for people who like hiking and insane landscapes

Onderwater 9

You never know who will end up in your vehicle hitchhiking with you